Highlights (and low-lights) of 2015 in Sports

2015 was a big year. It was the inaugural year of The Office Sports Guy, and quickly turned into my partnership with the EntryRevel guys to form the awesome...

2015 was a big year. It was the inaugural year of The Office Sports Guy, and quickly turned into my partnership with the EntryRevel guys to form the awesome collection of scatter-brained entertainment that we provide you all with now. It’s been fun and we’ve got big things planned for 2016, but before we move forward it’s always fun to look back at the year that was. So I give you some of the HIGHS and LOWS of this past year in sports.

The Highs:

LeBron’s failure – because he plays in the Eastern Conference, which is the NBA equivalent of the NFC East in football, LeBron is all but guaranteed to make the finals every season. So needless to say, 2015 was a great year because Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors crushed his hopes and dreams (and everyone in the state of Ohio’s as well) when they dismantled the Cavs this past summer. It was great to watch because: a) I hate LeBron and LOVE to see him lose; b) the Warriors were a well-deserving champion; and c) it brought us the introduction of the hilariously adorable Riley Curry…

Malcom Butler – did you really think I wouldn’t bring this up? It was one of the best Super Bowl games of all-time and the ending was unparalleled. Obviously that’s easy for me to say because I was on the right side of the dramatic finish. Tom Brady got his 4th Super Bowl ring and Malcolm Butler etched his name into NFL lore. Kids growing up all over New England for the next few decades will hear bedtime stories from their fathers and grandfathers about “the play Malcolm Butler made to save the Super Bowl for the Patriots”.  And of course they’ll hear about how stupid Pete Carroll was simultaneously.

This last one is a high for the final action and end result, but a low for the root cause.

Missouri Football – 2015 has been a captivating year in sports and that often helps distract us from the depressing truth that is our current society. This past year has been full of racially-charged controversy and when protests began on the campus of the University of Missouri due to racial tension and inequality for minority students, the football team stepped up and brought national attention to the issue by threatening not to play. At least 30 African American members of the football team said they would not participate in any football activities until the school’s president had resigned (he finally did a few days later), but without their contribution this cause wouldn’t have received the national support it deserved.

The Lows:

These aren’t so much “lows”, as hilarious bloopers. So yeah, I guess they were lows for the people involved, but that won’t stop the rest of us from getting some enjoyment out of them.

That one we can definitely laugh at, but am I a terrible person for finding this next one hilarious?

And last but not least…I love this kid’s creativity and passion, but never celebrate too early son


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