YOU’RE CORDIALLY INVITED: 5th Annual Masters Bar Crawl

5th Annual Masters Bar Crawl at 1 PM on Saturday April 9th (Stamford, CT) SPECIALS TBD! Brickhouse 1 PM Tigin 2 PM Brother Jimmy’s 3 PM Bradfords 4 PM...

5th Annual Masters Bar Crawl at 1 PM on Saturday April 9th (Stamford, CT)


  1. Brickhouse 1 PM
  2. Tigin 2 PM
  3. Brother Jimmy’s 3 PM
  4. Bradfords 4 PM
  5. Riviera Maya 5 PM
  6. McFaddens 6 PM
  7. Barrel House 7 PM
  8. Bobby V’s 8 PM
  9. Tiernans 9 PM


The Masters Bar Crawl is a tradition unlike any other. It’s humble roots date back to 2011 when Tiger was still relevant and Butterfield 8 was the DFMO capital of the world.

So breakout your golf garb or Country Club finest and do your best to pretend like you’re a trust fund kid with mommy/daddy issues. We’ll be getting our John Daly on while making Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore references well into the night.

Here is some course etiquette you must follow:

  • Lie vehemently about being part of the Masters Bar Crawl if you are escorted out by security/police
  • Be (relatively) respectful of our beautiful city
  • Do your best to make the most bad decisions as quickly as possible
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • In all 4 years of existence, to my knowledge, no (most likely illegitimate) children have been the direct result of this bar crawl (and subsequently named in my honor). And that needs to change.
  • You should probably only speak if its to ask for a drink or quote one of these movies:


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