Weakday Roundup: Microsoft’s Tay, Phife Dawg, Guac Hunter & more

The “Weakday Roundup” isn’t just a rundown of what’s trending, it’s clifnotes for what matters to you, as decided by us. We give you: Just-the-tip. Just enough so you’re in...

The “Weakday Roundup” isn’t just a rundown of what’s trending, it’s clifnotes for what matters to you, as decided by us. We give you:

  • Just-the-tip. Just enough so you’re in the know.
  • Why it matters. Partly validation, always knowledge.
  • ‘Not-so-hot take.’ Our attempt to shake up the internet.
  • The water cooler angle. What you need to know to be a Managing Director among mere Analysts.
  • TL;DR. ‘Too long, don’t read’ will be a recurring series dedicated to extra scraps of content that didn’t make “feature” status.

Microsoft’s “Tay” is cray. Microsoft released a Twitter bot that makes AIM bots seem PG. This AI bot was supposed to talk like a millennial and learn from human interaction. It did that to the tune of racist epitaphs and off-sides comments. Not so hot take: Albeit through an anti-semetic, Donald Trump supporting avenue, Microsoft proved they’re onto something. Like a Furby living with sailor, Tay assimilated perfectly to Internet, troll culture. So don’t worry Microsoft, it’s not you, it’s the Internet.

A-Rod is retiring. Why it matters: Now begins the long winded banter between crusty-mouthed, liver spotted baseball writers about whether A-Rod deserves to be in the HOF in 2022.

Phife Dawg died. Is there anything whiter than a middle class white guy throwing up the RIPPhifeDawg hashtag? It’s straight out of the directors cut, extra footage of ‘Malibu’s Most Wanted.’ Water cooler angle: Wanting to pour one out for Phife Dawg will give you that edge you’ve been jockeying to get around the office.
Guac Hunter. Define rich: always springing for guac at Chiptole. Now the diarrhea inducing chain is combining two of our favorite things: Buck Hunter and Norovirus laced guac. Why it matters: Free guac.
Hulk vs. Gawk update. Hulk Hogan not only fucked Bubba the Love Sponges wife, but also Nick Denton and the Gawker network. Why it matters: Hulk got $25 million more this week in punitive damages. Not so hot take: Do you really think a jury of Dale Earnhardt fans from Florida are going to side with a website that writes words over Hulk Hogan?
TL;DR. In honor of ‘All That’ returning, what is the best kids TV show era?
Akin to the WWE, and following suit of the PTA-mom, PC police, there have been massive overhauls in palatability of kids TV shows. There was what I like to call the dark ages of our parents youth where hastily created Tugboat Willy simply waved as our parents looked on like Tokyo residents at Godzilla. And now there is G-rated learning-centric programming who’s only humor comes from fast talking characters making spastic movement to keep 6 year olds engaged.
But in between there was a golden era of television that was as lawless as the Wild West. The “Attitude Era” before the FCC slapped ratings on shows and when it was OK to eat peanut butter in the cafeteria. Shows like Ren and Stimpy, Angry Beavers, Pete and Pete and Weinerville pushed the envelope and tackled all the pressing issues of our youth … vomiting, pooping and reproduction. Laced with borderline NSF-school words, these shows made the school bus a hotbed of profanities whose meaning we longed for.
Again, similar to your preference in wrestling, you typically had a channel and no one did it better than the World Wide Leader, Nickelodeon. Sure WB had seizure enducing programming and Cartoon Network had Dexter but Nick was a step above and made staying home sick as a latch key kid a fucking dream.
So what era ya got?

Weakday Roundup
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