I’m with Draymond, LeBron is a BITCH

Game 4 was an entertaining affair, and unsurprisingly to THIS guy, late in the game with Cleveland’s season hanging in the balance…tempers started to flair.  It wasn’t a shock...

Game 4 was an entertaining affair, and unsurprisingly to THIS guy, late in the game with Cleveland’s season hanging in the balance…tempers started to flair.  It wasn’t a shock to see Draymond Green in the middle of it all, as he is a self-appointed instigator and thrives in that role.  But it might have surprised some that his counterpart last night was none other than King James.  After they got tangled and LeBron tossed Draymond to the floor, and then proceeded to step over him like a bum on the streets, Green called LeBron a “BITCH”.  And I’m here to stand up and support Draymond Green, because he was right on the money.

I’m never going to question LeBron’s basketball abilities and talent.  He’s a freak athlete at his size and will inevitably go down as one of the best to play the game – not a GOAT in my opinion, but he’s at least in the conversation.  So that’s NOT what this post is about.  It’s what has always bothered me about LeBron James from the beginning…his overall demeanor on and off the court.  Last night was no different.

At his core I think a big part of my problem with LeBron relates to the systemic corruption that exists in the NBA.  They’re so supportive of their NBA royalty – their golden children – and it’s created an environment where their superstars have become so damn entitled.  And LeBron is at the top of that list.  He has always been an entitled little prince – ever since he was a high school star in Akron and everyone anointed him the next MJ.  He’s grown up in a world where he could do no wrong and everyone around him kissed his ass so much that he can’t sit down.  So it’s not entirely his fault that he’s become such a dickhead, but there’s no going back now – he’s definitely entrenched in that role.

Last night was a perfect example…frustrated that his team was on the verge of going down 3-1 to the Dubs, he took it out on Draymond Green and threw him to the floor like a rag doll.  Any why not?  He’s LeBron James…he can do whatever the hell he wants on a basketball court because none of the zebras are going to stop him.  LeBron consistently gets away with absolutely mauling people on the defensive end and goes to the basket like he’s an NFL running back looking for contact.  Yet he is never in foul trouble because every referee is terrified of blowing the whistle and upsetting the diva.  I mean, c’mon…anyone else in the league would have been called for a foul here…

So when Draymond stood up for himself and got in LeBrons face, he lost his shit because everyone is supposed to bow down at the feet of the King.  ‘How dare he speak back to me?’ LeBron must have thought.  Except that he’s really King Joffrey from GoT and secretly everyone wants to poison his spoiled little bitch ass.  I bet some of his own teammates were secretly on Green’s side.  I know Kevin Love would never say it in public, but internally I’d bet money he was thinking “yeah, fuck you Bron – you are a little bitch”.

So bravo Draymond Green.  You go ahead and call LeBron a BITCH every time down the court in game 5 (assuming Green doesn’t get suspended – which BTW is total and utter bullshit)…because you’ve clearly struck a nerve and have some prime real estate in LeBron’s head.

But I guess all that really matters is that the Dubs are one game away from repeating as NBA champs and sending Bron Bron home after yet another season of letting down everyone in the state of Ohio.  Maybe everyone in Cleveland still loves you LeBron, but for all of us in the real world Draymond Green told you how we really feel about you last night.  I’m currently working with my two-week-old daughter to make sure that her first words are:  “LeBron is a bitch”.


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  • JOHN
    13 June 2016 at 9:43 am

    Man, did you call it. Bron, as a player, dynamic, explosive, dominate. As a person, straight beeyotch. The ‘foul’ was clearly on him. The step over warranted a bitch slap from Draymond, he instead got in his face. Play continued and Bron fouls him again. But, a double foul? OK, then the play is over. Cavs lose, now here comes Bitch azz Bron. What player tells the TV audience that the NBA will look at it?! Oh, Bitch Azz, Imma bout to lose, again, with my hand picked squad, crying ass LeBron. Dude just be good on a suck ass team. Know this, tho, when the Dubs finish your bitch ass off tonite, who you gonna blame for you and your teams failure?

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    • The Office Sports Guy
      13 June 2016 at 10:28 am

      Preach brother. I want so badly for the Dubs to finish off the Cavs tonight, without Green out there just to shove it in LeBron’s face. Even then I’m sure he will deflect the blame and make some underhanded comments about how the team needs to improve, without ever taking any responsibility himself for not rising up and carrying his team when they need him most. AKA the criticism that Steph Curry has been getting ALL SERIES, when his team is up 3-1 and broke the record for most regular season wins. It just infuriates me…I can’t watch ESPN at all when they’re talking about the NBA playoffs because they all kiss up to Bron Bron even worse than the NFL crew does to Roger Goodell.

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  • John
    13 June 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Dude, you’ve committed sports hari-kari. We’ve named the BEEYOTCH and the BEEYOTCH GRAND MASTER. (Should a just said deflated balls gets you nowhere, I think the weight of that would have shut down ANY argument…anywhere..). But, I digress. This is about the true meaning of spoiled ass entitlement. I can place my junk in your eye and on your head as I, the Chosen One, steps over you (bitch move) to show the world that I am a complete ASS. But, you want to be respected. Not happening. You’re a competitor, only if you’re winning? Hey, heard of hero ball, Bron? Thats win you and your minion, Kyrie, shoot and shoot trying too make up for what lacks on your squad. Leadership. Took Michael J. A few years to figure it out, but he figured it out while still winning championships. He won with his team. And, with the “Jordan Rules.” Somehow, your failure in the leadership department, reflects your singular attempt to make yourself great, instead of just being great.
    No matter, Bron. You still are a crying beeyotch, (my bad, sensitivity and all, you are a “MITCH” MAN BITCH). Now you gonna cry to the journalistic gods to have this blog piece suspended? I think not. The NBA public would much prefer to see you and the Cavs go into the night without winning the championship. I hate it for the Cavs fans, after all the crap they’ve been through, with you. I’m sure they don’t want to win with a BEEYOTCH as the star. They had him once. He was a Beeyotch then when he made the announcement. He’s more of a Beeyotch now for being and doing beeyotch things. And he will lose the title…again. Just sayin.

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