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Regular Season Means NOTHING The Dubs will go down in the history books for having completed the best regular season in NBA history.  Don’t get me wrong, what they...

Regular Season Means NOTHING

The Dubs will go down in the history books for having completed the best regular season in NBA history.  Don’t get me wrong, what they did was impressive…but at the end of the day it doesn’t mean diddly.  Just say the words “18-1” to any Patriots fan, we understand.  73-9 was a tremendous achievement, but you don’t play professional sports with the ultimate goal of being the best ‘regular season’ team.  If you look over the list of best regular season records in NBA history, those other teams all sealed the deal and won the ship.  They did what the Dubs couldn’t…they validated their regular season.  But if you’re not the ones celebrating under confetti and yelling “I’m going to Disney World” when that final buzzer goes off, then your season was a disappointment.  ESPECIALLY if you go 73-9, blow a 3-1 series lead in the NBA finals AND lose game 7 on your home court.  SMH

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Historic Collapse

In the history of the NBA, only 10 teams have ever come back from a 3-1 series deficit in the playoffs…in any round.  And that includes the Warriors who did it against the Thunder in the Western Conference finals this year.  But, it had never…I repeat NEVER happened in the finals before.  So congratulations to the Dubs for making history in the regular season and then allowing Cleveland to make history at their expense in the finals.  You were dominant at home all season and then when it mattered most you let Bron Bron stroll in and win 2 games at Oracle…so much for that home court advantage.

Congrats to Cleveland

No, I don’t mean to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s well-documented how I feel about LeBron and to be perfectly honest when you throw J.R. Smith and Matthew Dellavedova into the mix too…it’s a group of players that makes my blood boil.  So I’m not happy for them one iota…but I do congratulate the city of Cleveland, because they’ve waited since 1964 to celebrate a championship in any of the major sports.  So they deserve this and I hope they all revel in the glory.  I just hate that it was LeBron who brought it to them.


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My Final Take on LeBron

It won’t be my final take period, just for this NBA season.  I’ll be back (God willing) to trash on Bron again next year.  But for now, I have to give him a small amount of props…the most I could ever do for him.  He played his ass off in this series, and especially in games 5 & 6.  Putting up 41 points in back-to-back games when your squad is facing elimination is no joke.  But like I’ve always said…I have never questioned his talent.  The dude is one of the GOATs based on his skills and numbers.  It’s just that every time he opens his mouth, he spews out stupid shit that makes me hate him…he just can’t help it.  And he bitches about everything when he’s on the court, despite the fact that he gets the royal treatment.  But alas, you completed your mission and brought a championship to Cleveland…like you promised.  Now can you just go away?

Worst Year in Pro Sports History

I’ll wrap it up with this final thought.  So far, 2016 is going down as the worst in the history of professional sports (for me).  First I had to sit back and watch Peyton Manning win a Super Bowl that he had zero right to be playing in…and then listen to the subsequent makeout session between him and all of the media.  Now I have to endure the same bullshit with LeBron.  The next two weeks will include non-stop coverage from Brian Windhorst about how magical the comeback was, how much it means to Cleveland, how much everyone (including him) loves LeBron.  It makes me sick.  Worst part is LeBron isn’t retiring like Peyton did, so his “kiss-ass” session will go on even longer.  I’m gunna have to find something else to watch at 2am when I’m up with my 3-week old daughter, because Sportscenter is ruled out for a while.  FML

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