NBA Execs Have Gone Insane

Since NBA free agency officially kicked off on July 1st, it has been insane.  That’s actually putting it mildly…NBA Executives went ‘Johnny Manziel in Vegas’ kind of crazy this...
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Since NBA free agency officially kicked off on July 1st, it has been insane.  That’s actually putting it mildly…NBA Executives went ‘Johnny Manziel in Vegas’ kind of crazy this past weekend.  They were just handing out cash as if it was burning a hole in their pocket.  It’s one thing when the top-tier guys are getting mega-million dollar deals, like in other sports.  People think it’s absurd when the Red Sox hand out $217M to David Price (and I’m not going down that rabbit hole right now, because that WAS insanely stupid), but at least he has a track record of past performance as an upper-echelon player.  But these past few days I’ve seen guys who are the 8th, 9th, 10th guy on an NBA roster get long-term deals making $10+ million per year. It’s like the GMs were all channeling their inner Peter Griffin….

Let’s review just a handful of these asinine deals, shall we:

  • Tyler Johnson signed a 4-year, $50M deal with the Nets – never heard of him? Don’t blame you. The kid is 24 and was undrafted out of Fresno State, played in the D-league until 2015 and averaged 8.7ppg as a back-up PG for the Heat last season.  Yet his new contract will have him making $19.6M in his final year of the deal…good for you dude, good for you.
  • Ian Mahinmi signed a 4-year, $64M deal with the Wizards – dude has been a back-up center so far with career averages of 5ppg and 4rpg, but parlayed one solid season with the Pacers into a mega contract
  • Bismack Biyombo signed a 4-year, $70M deal with the Magic – this deal makes absolutely no sense because the Magic traded for Serge Ibaka on draft night, but still decided to overpay for a guy who scored 5.5ppg last season and can’t shoot to save his life. He’s a rebounder, and a good one, but $17.5M/yr? Holy shit – Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace must be thinking about coming out of retirement
  • Kent Bazemore signed a 4-year, $70M deal with the Hawks – a decent shooter (35% from 3) and a solid role player, but is $17.5M/yr really the going rate for a rotational player nowadays?
  • Matthew Dellavedova signed a 4-year, $38.4M deal with the Bucks – seriously? Matthew FUCKING Dellavedova? This little pigmy shouldn’t even be in the NBA and now he’s making almost $10M/yr? I just threw up in my mouth
  • Timofey Mosgov signed a 4-year, $64M deal with the Lakers – by far the worst deal I heard about so far in free agency, and ironically it was one of the first to be reported which means the Lakers were eager to get this deal inked…which is mind-boggling. He averaged 6pts and 4rpg in 2016, but barely played down the stretch and scored 15 points the ENTIRE postseason.  Yes, a guy that scored 15 points total in the playoffs will make $16M next year…that’s more than the current reigning MVP Steph Curry…just let that sink in for a second.

Yup this dude is making $16M next year…unreal; photo via: Youtube

Even the Al Horford deal was bat-shit crazy for the C’s…4 years at $113M??? Are you kidding me?  I know the Celtics had plenty of cap space and are desperate to make a splash, but $28M/yr for 30-year old Al Horford? I’m not drinking the kool-aid like the rest of the green teamers…that signing doesn’t get them level with the Cavs and it didn’t get them Durant, so that was a bust IMO.  And Mike Conley, who is a good player but with all due respect…he is NOT A SUPERSTAR, got a 5-year, $153M deal from the Grizzlies.  If Mike Conley deserves $30.6M per year then the Warriors got a helluva steal signing Durant for $27M/yr.

I know the salary cap spiked this offseason, and I know it’s taking another huge jump next year.  But DAMN…I’m with the NFL players:

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