South Park, Just like Apple Pie: An American Classic

Last Wednesday if you had any wit about you, you must’ve tuned in for the return of Comedy Central’s greatest creation. No it’s not Crank Yankers, it’s not The...

Last Wednesday if you had any wit about you, you must’ve tuned in for the return of Comedy Central’s greatest creation. No it’s not Crank Yankers, it’s not The Man Show, it’s not Reno 911!, it’s not the fucking Daily Show, or Tosh.0 either (you might be able to argue for Chappelle’s Show); what I’m talking about is the small town in Colorado: South Park.

What started as a show about four boys and their adventures through the snowy landscapes of their town has transformed into a parody of America’s twenty-four hour news and pop culture cycle. And now more than ever, it is what the world needs in terms of a hilarious perspective on American culture.


This year being an election year means that all the planets have aligned for some of the funniest bits yet. What you can expect is a rendition of the United States democracy reflected in a fun house mirror; not that each of these candidates haven’t already made themselves look like clowns. Remember kids, vote or die, so you better choose one. Let’s get out and vote, let’s make our voices heard. We’ve been given the right to choose between a douche and a turd.

Even more impressive is not only how the direction of the show has evolved over time, but how the characters on the show have been repurposed and regendered in some cases to increase the growing hilarity that is the canon of South Park. Mr. Garrison is one such example, he has gone from elementary school teacher with a hand puppet who was sexually confused, to a woman who enjoyed scissoring, back to man who no longer engages in sexual deviance, now to man seemingly impersonating Donald Trump by virtue. Don’t quote me on this, but somehow I don’t think Shakespeare could’ve ever drawn up such a dynamic character.

Then of course we have the return of fan favorite Eric Cartman, the bane of all things PC and polite. What his role in this newest season will be is currently unknown. Will he develop any kind of sincerity? Empathy? Morality? The answer is no. Alongside shitting on every one of today’s issue, Cartman’s depravity and psychotic attitude will take a forefront in this season as it always does. His is a reflection of the worst possible person born who’s not named Hitler, yet I can’t stop laughing at him.

Nevertheless South Park marches on as the most relevant animated sitcom to date. Episode 1 of Season 20, “Member Berries”, takes aim at nostalgia and the new wave of old is new again.

I for one cannot wait to see where it goes, Wednesday nights are now for the TV…or laptop…or tablet…or iPhone, however the fuck you consume your shit. Man, remember when everyone only needed one device to glue their eyes to? Yeah, those were the days.


A 22 year old, susceptible to zoning out, born and raised in Queens, New York. My name is Joseph McManus, and I'm here to entertain through my use of superlatives and foul language. Don't tell my mom!
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