Guest Post: Our Presidential Candidates Suck

Written by: Daniel Ecoff Lets start with the most basic of statements I believe the majority of us who pay attention to the political climate can agree on: Neither...

Written by: Daniel Ecoff

Lets start with the most basic of statements I believe the majority of us who pay attention to the political climate can agree on:

Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton are qualified to be the President of the United States.

I have yet to hear anyone truly support Hillary besides saying she’s better than Trump. I have yet to hear anyone truly support Trump besides saying he’s better than Hillary.

It seems the only pro Clinton has is not being Trump, and the only pro Trump has is not being Clinton. (I’m choosing to leave out the indefensible supporters who say Trump is a successful businessman or that Hillary has spent her life doing things for this country – neither of those arguments stand to the most basic of scrutiny and facts, so I’ll save us all some time and ignore them for now).

I will be further explaining why neither of them are fit to serve, but lets start with this:

Donald Trump is worth $4.5 billion (most reports suggest this is grossly exaggerated, but still).

The Clintons have made over $250 million since leaving the White House in 2001.

Do you truly believe either of those individuals can identify with you or the majority of Americans? Do you believe they understand your concerns about your finances and future and your concerns for your children’s future? Do you believe they understand or even are aware of the problems facing normal Americans? You think they’ve ever taken a subway, walked through the TSA line at the airport? Think they’ve ever wondered how they would pay off their student loans or pay for their kids college?

Neither Clinton nor Trump are even remotely in-tune with the average American.

Donald Trump does not represent America. While I in no way support the PC culture we live in, I also have no respect for a man who gets behind a microphone and says intentionally divisive things in hopes of gaining support from a low-intellect and scared demographic. I believe we can have different opinions and discuss those opinions, but Donald Trump does not discuss issues or facts, he stands on a stage and spews extremist garbage with absolutely no data to support his perspective. He doesn’t allow counter-arguments or real questions, he doesn’t support his statements with irrefutable facts, he simply states what he “believes” based on his narrow experience and perspective. Can you imagine going into your job and even saying a fraction of what he says to millions of people? You would get fired and possibly sued. Yet he’s in the running for president. Some claim he’s a successful businessman. When looking at his success/failure ratio, combined with the money he’s inherited ($40-$200 million), his record shows he’s mediocre at best. I acknowledge that many successful entrepreneurs have a history of failure leading up to their success, but Donald Trump doesn’t fit that mold, mainly because even his failures haven’t lost him very much money, and he’s had a generous cushion to keep any of those dealings from being too risky. It’s less about his failure/success ratio, and more about how he has done business. At almost every turn, his successes have come from swindling others out of cash (Trump Casino, Trump University, etc). Worth noting, no major US company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy more than Trump in the last 30 years. While much of this bankruptcy filing was a way for him to distance himself from the consequences of his actions, he has still had to sell off planes and yachts and other assets in order to pay his debts. As someone who believes our national debt is the single largest threat to our country, his background as “successful businessman” gives me more fear than assurance. Add his mediocre at best business record to his lack of experience in political office, his virtual cluelessness in international politics, and his fat-9-year-old-on-Ritalin-and-Mountain-Dew-temper, and I don’t feel comfortable with him having access to nuclear codes. In the past he’s used Chapter 11 to protect himself from the financial consequences of his dealings, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he used legislation to make our tax dollars cover his inevitably failing policies if he became president.

Hillary Clinton is no more qualified than Donald Trump to be president, she’s just differently ill-equipped. Let me start with something that should be obvious to everyone – Washington D.C., the political elite, Republicans and Democrats, have failed us. All of us, and especially young people. Politicians in D.C. live in a different world. They don’t worry about losing their jobs or their homes, they don’t worry about their 401K or their health insurance lapsing. They get chauffeured around in vehicles more expensive than most of our houses, fly in helicopters to yachts with full-time security, and take more vacation days in a year than most of us take in 10 (President Obama has already taken more than 200 vacation days during his presidency, George Bush topped even that). Their only worry is being elected again and again; and that comes more from making deals with each other than from doing anything for the people they’re supposed to serve. No one represents this failed oligarchy as much as the Clintons. They have lied, cheated, misled, changed positions when it showed a boost in approval ratings, been disbarred, and in the case of Bill – even impeached by the House for perjury and obstruction of justice. I have yet to hear anyone offer a sensical argument into anything that either of them have done that was not self-serving, and we have seen both Bill and Hillary lie publicly, to the FBI, and to Congress, more times than I can even count. Imagine if your boss caught you lying on a regular basis, do you think you would keep you job? Hillary was recently caught lying to congress multiple times about her private email server. She claimed she never used a mobile device – FBI found this was false. She claimed she turned over all of her emails – FBI found thousands that were not turned over. She claimed nothing was marked classified – FBI found dozens marked classified. She claimed she turned over all work related materials – FBI found that her staff had literally taken hammers and smashed servers and cell phones rather than turn them over. The FBI Director decided not to indict her, why? Well mainly because they’re friends, and laws don’t really apply to the Clintons. The Attorney General also announced she wasn’t going to further investigate Hillary only one day after meeting with Bill on a private jet (with staff outside) in Arizona. The news reported that Bill was there to golf and just wanted to say hello to the AG. I find myself skeptical of this excuse mainly because it was Arizona in the summer and Bill is 70 years old with heart problems. You may think the private email server business isn’t a big deal, and for that I have two responses. Number 1, then why go to such lengths to hide it, lie about it, and do backdoor dealings? And number 2, there are former government employees in federal prison for life, for less. The FBI Director claimed she wasn’t criminal (which I would disagree with), he just said she was, “grossly negligent, unreasonable careless, blatantly dishonest, and has no concern for national security”. Next stop, nuclear codes! This colluding, lying, and mafia-like behavior is not just limited to the past 6 months, Bill and Hillary have been constantly lying to all of us for over 3 decades, and she’s the favorite for the most powerful job in the world.

Both Trump and Clinton have spent their entire 70 years on this earth serving only themselves and their own ambitions and wallets, with complete and total disregard to everyone that gets in their path. Do we think thats going to change now when they’re sitting in the most powerful position on the planet?

So here’s my solution.

I’m not writing this to push you to vote for any particular candidate, I’m writing this in hopes that this horrendous situation we’re in – of having a dufus or criminal as a president come 2017- strikes us all enough that we begin to pay more attention to political candidates in the future, and that hopefully we don’t find ourselves in a similar situation. We MUST pay more attention to candidates during primary season, and actually go and vote for those we most identify and agree with (and those that are least criminal). We cannot forget that politicians work for us – we literally sign their checks and pay for their yachts with our tax dollars – so we need to treat this like a normal hiring process: research, vett, background check, and then get to the polls and vote. I would also implore you to vote for candidates that work to limit the power of the federal government, and not expand it. The answer to failed government policies and spending isn’t to expand government policies and spending – thats the same as trying to drink yourself into sobriety. Do you believe the federal government is doing a good job with the 20-50% of your income you give them? Then why would we vote for candidates that wants to take more, even if its to delegate funds to the initiatives we agree with? We shouldn’t be voting for candidates that look to spend our money on initiatives we agree with, we should be voting for candidates that want less of our money, so WE can decide what to do with OUR money. I could easily go down a wormhole on what I believe is and isn’t the responsibility of the federal government, and perhaps that’s an article for another time, but for now, I think we can all agree that the current system with the same candidates, same parties, and same elite families, is not working for us. So why would we continue to vote for them?

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