#TrumpTapes: The Millennial Female Rebuttal

Unless your Internet access has been cruelly ripped from your iPhone by some act of God, you have seen the latest Tump garbage spewed across every home page accessible by...

Unless your Internet access has been cruelly ripped from your iPhone by some act of God, you have seen the latest Tump garbage spewed across every home page accessible by the Google. Short recap: Trump is a misogynistic asshole that sexually assaults women and then brags about it to fellow white males.

Let’s go ahead and acknowledge the obvious: this is disgusting. Donald Trump is a hyperbolized, walking stereotype of every man who’s ever been in a powerful position with clear self esteem issues and a need for validation by his peers; which, he hopes to achieve by pea-cocking his ability to assault those in an inferior position. This release was so awful, even Fox News couldn’t find a positive way to spin it.

The larger issue, however, was the apology from Trump that followed the release of this tape. Set in front of a screen that shows resemblance to an ISIS hostage tape, the Donald starts off by saying he’s not perfect (no shit), and quickly justifies the matter by saying, “these words don’t reflect who I am.”

Let’s take a second to pause here for education- every single word you verbalize is a direct reflection of who you are. Every tweet, every article, every piece of small sarcasm that comes from your mouth is an intentional force out into the world that initiates in the Broca area of that squishy brain of yours. If you’re running to be the most powerful human in the western world, you better god damned acknowledge that fact.

The apology portion of this formal apology lasts all of 28 seconds, and then immediately lapses back into Trump’s trademark fantasy-world rhetoric that appeals to the ignorant masses making up the majority of this country. Pledging to be a “better man tomorrow,” Donald also says he will “never, ever let you down”.

He will let you down. Everyone you have ever come into contact with will, at one point in your relationship, let you down. Because we are humans, we are inherently selfish, and we will make mistakes. Little suggestion Mr. Trump- never make an impossible promise. But I digress.

Moving forward through the half-hearted apology with overused phrases layered on top of each other for emphasis (What great orator hasn’t said “Let’s be honest, we’re living in the real world” to captivate their largely illiterate voting base?), Trump smoothly runs through a list of statements that were most likely  pulled from a dear editor letter in the KKK newsletter before predictably looping in Hilary at 1:08.

Let’s go ahead and ignore the fact that Donald Trump just brought up Hilary Clinton (a woman, for those keeping score at home) in what is supposedly an apology for saying the phrase, “grab them by the pussy”. What happens next is the equivalent of your little brother saying you started the fight when you were 4 years old.

“I’ve said some foolish things, but there’s a big difference between the words and actions of other people.”

Get. the fuck. out.

A man running for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA just tried to pass off something downright horrifying, that he himself has done, by saying that other people have done worse. More than that, he’s comparing those words and actions of Bill Clinton to his own. Again for those keeping score at home- the name of the other candidate this year is Hilary Clinton (did not have an extremely public affair, and has since risen to power despite the personal life of her and her husband).

All political and moral preferences aside, this is terrifying as a woman. This man, who claims he can kiss a woman because she’s pretty and he wants to, shows no remorse and essentially blames others for his own actions, is still in the running for POTUS . What kind of example are we setting for every other powerful forces in this culture?

This isn’t even a glass ceiling conversation, this is a safety concern. As a female you are constantly aware of your sexuality everywhere you exist, most especially any type of workplace. When powerful men have made advances on me, and believe me when I say that this has happened more than once, I’ve had the option and empowerment to say something about it. Will it be the same in four years if Donald Trump, pussy grabber, is the head our the most powerful economy in the world?

I don’t want to find out.

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