What you missed this week on the internet: Bad Hombres, Bad Ombres, and Bad Hambres

The internet this week was pretty quiet, I won't lie to you. But does that mean that I'm going to leave you hanging? Hell no.
Man Dressed In Banana costume
Banana costume: for any occasion

The internet was pretty quiet this week, I won’t lie to you. It may have had something to do with the fact that the debate was rather tame, and that Twitter was down for like 24 hours while the Russians played around in its back-end (lol).But does that mean that I’m going to leave you hanging? Hell no. I have gathered all of the greatest content that the internet had to offer this week, and I present it to you below:

Bad Hombres

Tweet about Donald Trump's Bad Hombres

As a basic ass white dude, this was the ombre that immediately came to mind for me also.

As I mentioned above. The last of the debates was this week (finally) and Donald Trump appeared to have watched the Three Amigos one too many times between debates. As a result, he mentioned that he’d be working to remove the Bad Hombres from America. Pretty hilarious use of a word that I haven’t heard since the Offspring used it in an album title in 1997. Immediately people started putting The Donald on blast, and the result was a lot of people tweeting pictures of bad haircuts. Not bad internet, not bad at all. RATING: B- 

A Man, A Banana, And Alabama

Man Dressed In Banana costume

Banana costume: for any occasion

I absolutely love this move from this Tennessee fan during the Bama game. As someone who has recently become internet famous, I respect the hell out of this dude’s hustle. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get on camera, and this Volunteer nailed it. A strong performance all around. RATING: B for Banana 


Candy Corn: The Great Debate

Candy Corn tweet

Decision 2016: Do we like candy corn?

In the history of Twitter, there have been a lot of Hot Takes fired around. I must admit, however, that I think this is the most accurate thing that has EVER been said. The first 5 candy corn might be the best candy ever. As soon as you hit that threshold that is the 6th corn though, it’s 100-0 real quick. I’m not sure that there’s another food out there that goes from first to worst as quickly as candy corn do. RATING: Extremely Accurate 

Fox Sports promotes unrealistic beauty standards

Vikings tweets

One small step for man, one giant leap for Sam Bradford

Fox put this graphic up last Sunday during the Vikings game. Fans immediately realized that it’s more photoshopped than Kim Kardashian’s inner thighs, and took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. I mean, who was Fox trying to fool, you can’t show a picture of Sam Bradford not looking like he stole his dad’s football pads when he was 8 and expect people to buy it. The Vikings official twitter account even jumped into the mix and had some fun at Fox’s expense, the result was pretty hilarious. RATING: B. 

This Celtics fan had himself a time at Wednesday’s preseason game

Celtics fan drools

That preseason basketball feeling

I’d be remiss not to include this. If you’d like to learn how you, too, can get yourself mocked on national television, please refer to this handy guide. RATING: I cannot rate this impartially, but A+

From Donald Trump to Sam Bradford, this week had a little bit of everything despite Twitter crashing. Want something included that I missed despite being an omniscient Twitter based deity? Let me know @andyjglagman


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