The Chicago Cubs are the Millennials of the MLB

If you don’t already know that the Chicago Cubs are playing in their first World Series in 71 years, you live under a rock. Not only are they four...
Chicago Cubs are Winners

If you don’t already know that the Chicago Cubs are playing in their first World Series in 71 years, you live under a rock. Not only are they four wins away from being the World Series Champions, but they’re also just about the coolest team in baseball right now. As an avid and lifelong Cubs fan myself, I wanted to give you a head’s up as to why you (the millennial reader) really should care about the Chicago Cubs. They’re basically all of us, just on a national level…

First of all, they’re winners.

That’s right, winners. We’re talking 103 times in the regular season level of winning. They’re the kind of winners that take on an over-hyped giant (Looking at you, Clayton Kershaw) and they took him on in stride. In fact, it was one of the youngest rosters, most of our starters clock in under the age of 30. Game 2 was weak. I can admit that. But when the Cubs needed to show up, they did. They showed up 5-0 and sent the Dodgers back to LA with nothing more than a gleam in their little sunshine eyes.


Second, they’re awkward, just like you and your friends.

Even though everyone wants to be a winner, some of us have to be the awkward ones now and then. It’s okay. The Chicago Cubs are here for you. They want you to know that being awkward is not just okay, it’s badass.

Next time you’re in the bar with your friends and one of you manages to do something awkward, just Be Like Baez. Javier Baez has spent most of this season playing decently. Then, we get to postseason. It didn’t take long for him to explode into greatness. Now, he’s playing with moves so smooth, even your girlfriend’s probably thinking about him when you’re not around. But, then we have him caught in the dugout nearly dropping his own gum.


Third, the Bromance is real.

So real it hurts.

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo are easily the most well-known fielders the Cubs have right now. They’re gorgeous, for starters, but also pretty talented young guys. Most Cubs fan refer to them collectively, because every good bromance is really just one relationship with two halves. They even bat in the lineup close to each other. (When the manager changed the lineup in Game 3 and broke them up, Cubs fans everywhere felt the hurt.) You and your best bro only WISH you were as cool as Bryzzo.


Fourth, they have no clue what they’re doing half the time, either.

Life is hard.

Adulting? Fuck that.

We’re all just fish swimming our way through the universe. So while you’re trying to decide whether or not you should shake hands with the CFO and introduce yourself when you spot him across the bar at the company Christmas party (even though he definitely won’t know you from Janine in Accounting’s creepy son,) remember that the Almost World Series Champion Chicago Cubs aren’t exactly putting the pro in professional baseball.


Fifth, The Big Kahuna.

Honestly, I could go on for hours here. They’re a bunch of young guns kicking ass and taking names. You can already tell you want to be like them. Trust me, I know. Before you go too far, though, I want to make sure you’re aware that the Cubs have a hefty fan base. There’s a sound number of Cubs fans, ranging from Jim Belushi to Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. John Cusack. Nick Offerman. Stephen Colbert. (Did you really need anyone after Nick Offerman, bro?!)

But when it comes to famous Cubs fans, there’s one who stands out above all the rest. No, I don’t mean Obama. I’m talking about the one and only Bill Murray.

Murray can be seen at many Cubs games. In fact, the playoffs featured a lot of him at home games. Tucked inside Wrigley Field, we find ourselves watching him cry when we cry, cheer when we cheer. Ultimately, he’s one happy dude at the games they’re winning. It’s a level of happiness we should all strive for. Besides, if Bill Murray can cry when they make the World Series, then so can I.


So, before you go and cheer for Cleveland because Lebron James said so, think about this: who is really the better team? Which team do you want representing you in the White House for the next four years? Vote Chicago, baby, and #FlyTheW.

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