Emerson Spartz, CEO of Dose, Explains Why He’s More Successful Than You

Our newest video series, Brutally Honest Advice from Someone More Successful than You, is a friendly reminder that you’re not a special snowflake and that you’re merely a barnacle in an ocean of wildly successful sharks, despite what your participation trophy case tells you.

The upside is that we convinced the people your parents wish you were to give you some brutally honest advice. Don’t say we never gave you anything …

Emerson Spartz

Why is Emerson more successful than you? Oh, I don’t know, probably his New York Time’s Bestselling book, raising $34.5 million in capital for his viral media company, Dose (including OMGFacts), and being named one of Forbes 30 under 30. Did I mention he home-schooled himself? What did you do this weekend?

What do successful people do on their days off? Brunch, obviously.


The clifnotes:
– You’re probably a p*ssy
– You should always use white noise when reading. (Reason #547 Emerson is more successful than you: he actually reads.)
– Successful people like brunch just as much as the rest of us


Check, ch-check, ch-check, ch-check, check it out:
Dose.com (Emerson’s media company that probably has a really cool office with a fooseball table)
OMGfacts.com (for the basic white girl in all of us)
mugglenet.com (just a little something that Emerson started when he was 12 and turned into the #1 Harry Potter fan site in the world … when he wasn’t busy macking on your sister)