Point/Counterpoint: The Rationale Behind A Trump Vote

Can't we all get along?

In lieu of Donald Trump shocking the Nation in an upset victory for the Presidency, people Hillary supporters are searching for answers on how anybody could actually vote for The Creamsicle.  Weebay explains Trump supporters’ logic while Noble rebuts that no logic is reasonable enough to vote for Drumpf


“Make sure you go vote”

“It’s your civic duty”

“Vote or Die”- P.Diddy

I’m sure you heard any or all of those catchphrases over the past week plastered against every social and media outlet you consume. What you didn’t hear was “Vote for Hillary or you are a racist, sexist, non-educated human being who couldn’t possibly be a true American and please de-friend me off of Facebook while I move to Canada”…but alas here we are. Doomsday. Hillary supporters becoming the antithesis of everything they think Donald Trump stands for. The hate speech, elitist behavior, rioting and overall scorn for anyone that voted for Trump shows a complete lack of understanding of why someone could possibly vote for him in the first place…and guess what? It’s not because they are uneducated racist bigots who don’t know any better.  Let me explain.

Let’s think about it for a second. I grew up in Connecticut with a mother who is an optician and a father who is an engineer. I went to college, got a corporate job and live in bustling downtown Austin. I get to travel, eat out, type on this MacBook and generally can do whatever I want within reason. Sound familiar? It’s probably because it’s a somewhat similar situation to yours. Now let’s flip the script…

You grew up in a rural Indiana neighborhood where everyone you knew and socialized with had their job shipped overseas or taken over by technology. Some get by but most are just hanging on paycheck to paycheck. Quality of life plummets, the community becomes decimated and you lose all sense of upward mobility and hope. These are shoes that literally millions of Americans walk in that most of us can’t even fathom. Most of us haven’t lived it, spent a night there or even driven through the state. If you have, you have surely commented on how desolate it is.

Fast forward and now there is a Presidential candidate running promising to improve your life and bring back the prosperity you once had. You are now faced with a decision for President where you might need to forgo some moral and social issues to get your life back to what it used to be. I know for a fact everyone reading this has given up some moral stance at some point for something that is beneficial to them.   It’s selfish in nature but that is an inherent trait. After all, it’s not like the previous candidates have taken care of me, right? Throw in the mostly left wing media taking a figurative dump on your entire life and I think a lot of us given the same circumstances would feel very different about your cast ballot. Getting left behind is a feeling not many of us understand given the circumstances we (mostly) grew up in. Those Trump votes were not cast in a racist, sexist, non American uneducated manner. Rather they were actual real Americans who just grew up and live in a completely different situation who might sacrifice some morality for a better life.

Respect and understanding is an ideal that over time Americans have tried to embrace. I implore you to think about the other side and respect that not everyone who voted for Trump is an idiot. If you are truly think you are more “informed” than everyone else, understanding people have different opinions formed from different circumstances shouldn’t be a difficult concept.   In the grand scheme, we really aren’t all that different from each other. I mean, we still have our dicks and tits out for a dead gorilla. #America #RIPHarambe



I get it- gorillas dying are sad, small towns breed ignorance, and attacking a Trump supporter is hypocritical when the main complaint is his lack of empathy for others.

If this was any other presidential election, I’d be on the “love everybody” train with Weebay, and in every election prior to this one have been. With the combination of being raised in a small farm town community by a white, Republican father followed by a very liberal education complete with first job at a Historically Black College, I was sculpted into a very firm political moderate.

Trump is different.

Donald Trump is not your run-of-the-mill GOP candidate. He is a man who has condemned an entire religion of people, chose a VP who thinks being gay can be cured, and has grabbed women by the pussy. Until the end of October, he didn’t even have a concrete action plan for if he were actually to be elected; which, consequentially, the KKK has now fully endorsed and gotten behind.

I whole heartedly support people having differing opinions, because we all come from different backgrounds and their schemas are different than mine. I have preferences towards both Republicans and Democrats, and openly vote for both on a regular basis.

But if you choose to voluntarily vote for a man who has sexually assaulted women, and spouts racist rhetoric as a part of conversation, there is no excuse. Because this isn’t a political choice, you chose to vote for a terrible human that I wouldn’t trust around my dog. It doesn’t matter whether you come from a small town in Alabama (you’re probably my next door neighbor) or Manhattan, you should be able to tell an evil human when you see one.

This goes beyond political parties; Donald Trump embodies every evil that this country represses and ignores, and now have been brought to the forefront by the soon-to-be most powerful man in America. So I’m sorry your small town in Indiana isn’t doing well, but Donald Trump is not the answer.

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