People in professional sports can be just as idiotic as the rest of us

The word “knucklehead” is defined by as a stupid, bumbling, inept person. There are lots of people in the world of professional sports who don’t fit this description, but there are some who make the term an understatement. These people could be classified as the latter, and they make the short list of top knuckleheads of the sports world for Nov. 14.

Jerry Jones Channels His Inner Red Beaulieu

Red Beaulieu was the coach of the Cougars football team in the 1998 Adam Sandler film, “The Waterboy,” who confronted Bobby Boucher in one scene of the film after Boucher had attacked one of the players.

This past week, Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones did his own rendition of the character at the NFL owners meetings in Houston. One of his finely tuned athletic machines, rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott, is under investigation by the league for a domestic violence incident. Jones confronted the lead investigator, Lisa Friel, reportedly raising his voice at her and telling her that her work would put them both out on the street.

Just like Beaulieu in The Waterboy, Jones ends up looking like the fool in this situation as NFL public relations personnel rushed him out of the room before he could say anything else. It’s obvious that Jones is tired of things like whether or not one of his players assaulted a woman getting in the way of his team winning football games.

It’s Complicated Between Mark Cuban and ESPN

Staying in Dallas, the owner of the Mavericks had a bit of a spat with ESPN this past week. We’ve all had those friends whose relationship statuses on Facebook are constantly changing based on the current state of the relationships. As everyone knows, a relationship isn’t officially on the rocks until that state has been validated on social media.

It looks like everything is better between Cuban and ESPN now after some relationship counseling.

Cuban revoked the press credentials for ESPN reporters on Monday, citing concerns that coverage of his team’s games was going to be done by machines. Within five days, Cuban’s concerns were resolved with the help of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

In the end, the Mavericks actually got a bit of a bonus. ESPN agreed to link to content on the Mavericks’ web site in its game recaps and in exchange Cuban restored ESPN’s credentials. If your relationship isn’t working, sometimes all you need is an outside perspective.

Amanda Nunes Mean Girls Ronda Rousey

Rousey made a surprise appearance on Friday at the weigh-ins for UFC 205 in New York, coming face to face with the woman she will try to take the bantamweight title from on Dec. 30. After the brief event, it looked like Nunes was in Rousey’s head.

After the two fighters had their stare down, Nunes spoke to the press about the fight and Rousey simply stormed off without a word.

Only Rousey knows for sure why she did what she did, and if she defeats Nunes on the next-to-last day of 2016, this will be forgotten. If Nunes retains her belt, however, it’s worth speculating about whether or not Rousey found an entry about herself in Nunes’ Burn Book.

Jets Crash and Burn

Scoring an own goal in the NHL is embarrassing, but it doesn’t get much worse than scoring an own goal in overtime and literally gifting a point to your opposition on their home ice.

The Winnipeg Jets were in Denver on Friday to take on the Colorado Avalanche, and the game was just under a minute and a half away from going to shootouts in a 2-2 deadlock.

It was at that point that Winnipeg forward Nikolaj Ehlers decided that he was done for the night, and shot the puck into his own goal.

Curt Schilling Proves His Human Trash Status Yet Again

In the latest deplorable thing to come out of his mouth, Schilling thinks lynching journalists is funny.

Despite the fact that 37 journalists have been murdered worldwide so far this year, Schilling found a t-shirt musing about killing journalists amusing and let the fact that he found it humorous be known on Twitter.

Come back each week to find out how Schilling reveals himself as the world’s biggest asshat, as that’s as dependable as the sunrise. Enjoy sports, don’t take them too seriously, and come back each week for the new Top Knuckleheads of the Sports World.

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