The Millennials’ Effect on the Economy: Beyond NYC’s Smorgasbord and Obama-Biden Memes

Are we truly the hell-raisers our elders think we are?

Let’s start this off with one thing we all love doing: hating the same things. Everyone hates our shitty current economy, as well as roughly 27% of our American population (better known as “millennials”). The millennial generation basically includes anyone born between 1980 and like, now-ish (not sure what we’ll call these three-year old children in 30 years… Generation “lost puppy in the rain because my parents were fucking millennials”, likely).

Anyway, so everyone aged 40+ bitches and moans about how their children are not steadily employed straight out of university, and grit through a smile on their face when they say “Yes, Linda, I love having my 25 year old son under my roof playing Runescape again, my sex life is through the roof!” This massive shock in millennial unemployment has to do with this thing I’m majoring in (I, myself, a millennial felt it pertinent to inform you of my “major”), our shitty economy.

Let’s see how the millennial generation fares in a few categories economically, and see whether or not we really are the narcissistic hell-raisers our elders make us out to be.

The Millennial Economic Effect of :

Social Media

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-4-28-17-pm Kylie Jenner (Instagram: @kyliejenner)

“Did you see what she posted?”

In regard to devices, our generation is constantly connected to our laptops and phones, an uncontrollable addiction to apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This has led to those aged 12-28 potentially possessing an inability to handle normal human conversations and adequately understand and respond to basic social cues. Last week I had a conversation that legitimately went like this:

            Me: Hey, how are you?

            Him: Good, how are you?

            Me: Good!! How are you???

Literally. I don’t know how to interact with people. Buying into having the newest thing, though, has had an extreme effect on the economy. Consumerism has been dragging the US out of the recession, slowly but surely. I agree with the idea that millennials are the “want, get” generation. Specifically, social media provides a very small scope into someone’s ‘real’ life (think, Something Navy or Kanye West’s ability to sell a stretched out white t-shirt for $300). Kylie Jenner is another example of a celebrity abusing the millennial mindset. Her lip-kits runaround $30, not including tax and shipping, yet millennials are reeled in because of the celebrity appeal. Personally, I know that Tarte makes a matte lipstick that is of equal if not better quality for $24, just putting that out there.

Also, social media has allowed millennials the opportunity to voice their opinions about politics and social issues by allowing them the platform to do so. That’s why millennials were so much more active this election year. Similarly, with the past 2. The overall 18-25 vote skewed for Hilldawg, because we’re progressive and care about basic human rights and shit. This is also why the LGBT community has been growing so rapidly in the past 20 years. Millennials are a more accepting and welcoming generation because they were exposed to so much more throughout their years. I mean, have you seen RuPaul’s Drag Race? My roommates are fucking obsessed with it. Try explaining THAT to a baby boomer. Donald Trump would probably explode (here’s hoping).


Job Hunting



Finding a job in today’s economy for a freshly graduated university grad is much more difficult for millennials than it was for our baby boomer counterparts 50 years ago. Or for our predecessors, Gen X.

The starting salary is the SAME now as it was 30 years ago ($17 for by-the-hour jobs), but inflation has caused the cost of living for an average 18-30 year old to skyrocket. The cost of university/college has increased 30 fold, so millennials have to deal with a problem their elders did not: student loans. Also, our predecessors didn’t have the falsified idea that every entry-level cubicle job would lead to a Pam/Jim style office romance. So many empty expectations. God damn it, John Krasinski. (Ily.)

The lack of job availability has led many millennials to create their own jobs. There is a massive shock in the abundance of work-from-home jobs created by millennials. This includes YouTube: make-up/fitness/lifestyle guru’s (think Kayla Itsines, or that one girl on Instagram with an ass that rivals Nicki Minaj). There’s also been a huge increase in entrepreneurship in the past two decades. Similarly, in self-teaching (especially in coding/languages/yoga), making the resumes today much more impressive than those of the past.

That’s about it, for now. Next up: Mental Health, Uber, and Free The Nipple

Xo, Raekwon


(Also, there is honestly nothing better than the Obama-Biden memes. 10/10 internet.)


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