Team ER’s Podcast Picks

I gathered some of our team to give you their perspectives in true team player style. Each one has their own favorite, so hopefully there's something for everyone.
podcast picks

Podcasts are everywhere, and there’s literally one on just about everything. What kind of blog would we be if we didn’t pick a few to focus on? I gathered some of our team to give you their perspectives in true team player style. Each one has their own favorite, so hopefully there’s something for everyone. If we missed a podcast you think we can’t live without, comment and tell us about it. I promise to at least listen to one episode… Unless it’s just terrible, then I’ll lie and tell you I did.

So here they are: Team ER’s Podcast Picks.

Booker T‘s Pick: The Skimbo Lounge

The Skimbo Lounge

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What kind of dumb asshole would I be if I didn’t shamelessly plug my very own podcast, THE SKIMBO LOUNGE? Hosted by yours truly and his lifelong best friend, The Skimbo Lounge is more than just another comedy gabfest, it’s the Octagon for hot takes. Once we’re liquored up and locked inside a five-by-nine closet, no topic is off limits, nothing is sacred, and things go off the rails almost immediately. We’ve got skits, celebrity interviews, college stories, freestyle raps and improvised songs, all sponsored by some of the hottest up and coming businesses and brands in the world, such as phone sex phenomenon The Guy Line, Regular Ol’ Diner, and perennial mayoral candidate and demagogue, Ronnie Shuffshul. You can find us on YouTube by searching THE SKIMBO LOUNGE.

TeeTime‘s Pick: My Brother, My Brother and Me

My Brother, My Brother and Me

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What it lacks in fucks given about grammatical correctness, “MBMBaM” as it is so eloquently referred to by ride or die Mcelory brother fans, it more than makes up for in comedic genius. If an auctioneer with early onset dementia had a baby with a college educated Lil Wayne and that baby smoked crack cocaine, it would be the MBMBaM podcast. The actual premise of the show is giving, and I use this term loosely, “advice”, either from write-in questions or the bowels of the internet: Yahoo! Answers. The three quick witted brothers find the line, cross it and continue going until its sufficiently awkward, answering 3-5 questions over the hour-ish episode.  The questions are usually just a foundation for a house made up of obscure pop culture references, poor impressions and fart jokes that somehow come across as wildly sophisticated. It’s the smartest humor a simpleton like myself, and by proxy, you, can handle. Put the Joe Rogan podcast down bro, and get on the MBMBaM bandwagon. Unless you vape, you probably won’t appreciate their vaping commentary.

Faker‘s Pick: Poorly Summarized

Poorly Summarized

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Poorly Summarized is a couple of guys in their 30s who give you about 45 minutes of hitting the highlights of the past week in social media. Justin and Michael normally have a guest on each weekly episode, most often another podcaster. That element lets you get some exposure to other podcasts out there, which is a great service Poorly Summarized provides. Their best recurring segment is “Stupid Shit My Friends Post”, in which they describe the content of a dumb meme that they have seen on the Internet and make fun of it. An underrated aspect of the podcast is the recurring segment, “Eye Candy” in which they try to describe a piece of art that has caught their attention. Poorly Summarized is a great way to wind down after a work day on your commute home, as the witty banter has a good rhythm to it and the content is always fresh.

AJ‘s Pick: How Did This Get Made?


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If it weren’t for Podcasts, my life would be in shambles. I was an avid commuter for a while when I lived in the city (NYC for all you unsophisticated suburbanites). I’m talking upwards of 2hr commutes each way. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the desire to throw yourself in front of a moving train feels like, I highly recommend a long commute on the LIRR. One podcast that kept me going is How Did This Get Made. HDTGM is a masterpiece from Andre and Rafi from the league, as well as June Diane Raphael, who has been in a number of shows, but most famously;  Party Down, Happy Endings, Animal Practice, American Dad!, Kroll Show,Funny or Die Presents, Big Lake, Drunk History, Flight of the Conchords. The trio breaks down some of the worst movies that have ever been made, answering the question, How Did This Get Made? (See what they did there?). I’m not a movie buff by any means, and you don’t need to be to enjoy the podcast. Each week, the hosts will give you a heads up of what’s to come, and where you can watch it. It’s a perfect mix of terrible movies, which are funny on their own, and hilarious commentary. Some of the movies featured include: Fast Five, Leprechaun: In da Hood, Crank, 88 Minutes, and The Adventures of Pluto Nash, just to give you a taste of what you can expect.

Max Power‘s Pick: Planet Money

Planet Money

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Planet Money is the economy explained in layman’s terms. With fun and interesting topics ranging from the economics of fantasy football to the reason truffle mushrooms are so expensive, this 15 to 20 min podcast will have you well on your way to becoming a full fledged economist. Let’s be honest, nothing says water cooler talk like the knowing the ins and outs of the ISIS budget.

BigBadWolf‘s Pick: Undisclosed


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If you listened to Serial, then you must listen to this podcast. Undisclosed is put on by three lawyers, each with their own special take on the legal world. (You might remember one of these voices, in particular, as being featured on Serial.) Rabia Chaudry pulls in Colin Miller and Susan Simpson to pull apart the details of Adnan Syed’s case in Season 1. Unlike Serial, though, they manage to captivate the audience again for Season 2, focusing on a case in Georgia. They present a legal view of the way the crime scene and investigation are handled, playing devil’s advocate and doing their best to find any place where maybe, just maybe, the conviction could have held some weight. In a world where we’re all obsessing over wrongful convictions (I’m looking at you, Steven Avery) and trying to make sense of it all, this podcast is our guardian angel, guiding us along. Plus, it makes you feel super smart. I totally almost have a law degree now.

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