Entry Revel is Looking for Campus Chapter Founders

Do you go to college? Are you interested in a leadership role? Do you want to work for the best blog on the internet? Want to skip the niceties?...
Campus Chapter Founder

Do you go to college? Are you interested in a leadership role? Do you want to work for the best blog on the internet?

Want to skip the niceties? Just shoot us an email at entryrevel@gmail.com to apply (tell us why you would be a good fit, we won’t read resumes)

Campus Chapter Founder

Entry Revel is a fast-growing, millennial-centric blog that provides brutally honest advice for surviving the real world and unfiltered commentary on all things “adult-ing.” Unlike most sites of this type, we cater to both male and female audiences.

We pride ourselves on well-written, satirical content that is “smarter than that average blog.” We find ourselves at the intersection of sites like Barstool, Old Row, Post Grad Problems, Total Frat Move, Betches Love This and real world, traditional publications (think Forbes, Huff Post etc.)

Our main focus is on guidance but our coverage expands to sports, business/economy and lifestyle.

All of our editors are UCONN alumni (Tyler – Founder, Eric – Editor, Jay – Sports Editor) who dove head first into corporate America, but wanted something more. We have a team of roughly 20 contributors that ranges from young professionals to a New York Times, award winning journalist.

What does a Campus Chapter Founder do?

We are looking to create campus chapters that will help upperclassmen, graduating students and recent alumni with the transition to the real world. You will create resources (via content) to help facilitate the transition and give a much needed escape from the perils of the real world. We’re not just asking you to hand out swag on campus and promote the brand, we want someone to be a part of this company at the ground floor and to earn valuable experience that can translate to real world marketing/media jobs. Your job, should you choose to accept it would be to:

  • Build a staff on your campus to facilitate the following …
  • Create engaging content including resources, guides and commentary on the transition from big man (or woman) on campus to young professional
  • Produce entertaining content including listicles, anecdotes etc. that provide an escape from the real world
  • Pitch, plan and manage marketing campaigns to help increase brand awareness
  • Plan and manage on-campus events (think: tailgates, bar nights, networking events etc.)
  • Manage chapter social media

What’s in it for you?

Unfortunately we can’t pay you anything. But we can promise:

  • Unparalleled leadership role
  • Awesome, flexible working environment with passionate and successful marketing/media professionals
  • Valuable experience to include on your resume
  • Opportunity to network with millennial influencers and business leaders affiliated with site
  • A spot at the ground floor of something really awesome

Other perks include:

  • Making your mom somewhat proud

In case you can’t tell, we don’t take things very seriously around here. If that interests you, you have an interest in writing, marketing, social median, PR and are looking for a leadership opportunity, shoot us an email and maybe we can make some magic happen.

Make sure to visit the site (EntryRevel.com) and email us at EntryRevel@gmail.com if you’re interested.

If you think you’d be a good fit, shoot over an email with a little bit about yourself (no need to send a resume, those won’t tell us anything) and we can setup a phone call. We’ll be on campus in a few weeks to meet with those who are interested.

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