Hangover Club

We Tried Hangover Club So You Don’t Have To [VIDEOS]

Our friends over at the Hangover Club (NYC) hooked us up with some of that good-good elixir to remedy the ills of a night of debauchery. This is our story …

Knowing that we basically had a get-out-of-jail-free card from our hangover, we made sure to get our Johnny Manziel on the night before our scheduled treatment. We chronicled the entire ordeal for your enjoyment and for our recollection …


7:16 PM: I remember my first beer.


10:24 PM: Time of death.


?:?? AM: Blair Witch style iPhone video proving that we still got it


AFTER (the next day) …

11:30 AM: Alarm goes off. Realize I have to be across town for my treatment in half an hour.

12:15 PM: Wake up, feel ashamed, get in an Uber.

12:32 PM: Arrive at Alchemist Kitchen in NYC, home of the fountain of youth that in the Hangover Club.

12:42 PM: Signing my life away and confirming Hangover Club’s staff is up to snuff and has taken the Hippocratic Oath (spoiler: they have)

12:45 PM: Asking the tough questions, like how bad is it going to hurt. Oh, and I have high blood pressure (sorry, mom!)

12:46 PM: My vein is punctured. Nurse Kate has perfect execution and stellar follow through. A+ penetration.

12:47 PM: Really proud I didn’t pass out. Head over to the bar to let a stranger put random fluids in my body.

(Spoiler: You CAN’T use Obamacare for Hangover Club)

Roughly 12:48 – 1:35 PM: My body is replenished with the elixirs of life …img_7271

1:41 PM: Time to pull out (Stellar deduction Sherlock, that isn’t my hairy, well toned arm)

Approximately 4:00 PM: I can jump higher, run faster and speak fluent Mandarin …

Here’s my full, brutally honest review.