STOP GUESSING: 5 Islam Misconceptions

Consider yourself an infidel? Shaddup and learn something first.
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An American tradition is speaking authoritatively on topics of complete ignorance. Silence is golden, especially if your silver tongue keeps passing off guesses as facts. Below are common misconceptions about Islam that you no longer have an excuse to guess about.


Oppressive Headache

You could easily visit this wiki page on hijab requirements by country, but you’re fucking lazy. Allow me to summarize: it’s an expression of faith, not oppression. There are more Muslim countries that restrict Muslim garments than require them by law. Also, their use is no different than the modesty clothing of 13 other religions. Move the goalposts to “their husbands make them blah blah blah” and you’re still a guessing jackass.



You can find the word ‘infidel’ all over the net, usually in the bios of dudes trying to be edgy. These people are attempting to call themselves an enemy of the Muslim world. Virtual high fives in lieu of military action against terrorism is enough for them. There’s just one problem: that word is in the Bible. Yep, Islam got that hand-me-down from older brother Christianity. Hence, the Bible is revered by all Muslims. By the way, ‘infidel’ basically just means ‘non-believer’. Not exactly as hard hitting as some edge seekers would like.


Arab Sting

Lots of contrarians love to point out that Islamophobia isn’t racism. Because, y’know, religion isn’t a race or ethnicity. This extremely insincere sentiment is bullshit, ‘tho. Would you believe that India has over twice the amount of Muslims as Iran?? Nope, because you guessed that Islam was just Arabs everywhere. The vast majority of Muslims in the world are Asian, who seem to go completely under the radar of the western world’s ire. Can’t imagine what those “reasons” would be.


God’s Rift To Women

Even noble opponents of Islam protest too much about the well being of Muslim women. Funny how American men accounting for 80% of all violent crime isn’t distracting. Men have made suppressing women a friggin’ hobby the world over. Consequently, religion is commonly used as inspiration. It’s hella hypocritical to targeting Muslims while ignoring our own sexual assault rates. Numbers don’t lie, even when people do.

war against women

Damn, Sweden


Hater’s Ball

“They hate us for our freedom!” Oh really? It wasn’t the unsubstantiated war that displaced 30 million Iraqis and killed hundreds of thousands? How do you think ISIS rose in Iraq? Perhaps it was the US playing both sides of the Iran-Iraq war in the 80’s? Maybe it was supporting Jihad warriors in Afghanistan’s civil war? This was double trouble as those warriors became the Taliban and bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda later. I’ll let you decide if bikinis vs burqas really has something to do with it.


A little knowledge goes a long way. Now stop talking out of your ass about Islam.

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