‘Accidental Courtesy’ Available to Stream in 2017

Accidental Courtesy chronicles a black musician's 30 years converting KKK members and is available to stream on demand Jan. 2017

No, this isn’t a rehashing of Chappelle’s Clayton Bigsby skit.  This is real, and after all the division and hatred and identity politics 2016 gave us, this film covering Daryl Davis and his three decades befriending and eventually converting white supremacists is exactly what we need. ‘Accidental Courtesy’ premiered at SXSW and has been in select theaters this year.  The film covers Davis’ three decade relationship with members of the KKK throughout the country.  If you missed it, the film can be streamed on demand starting January 2017.  Throughout his time Daryl says he never sought to convert anyone, he “simply gave them a chance to get to know me and treat me the way I want to be treated. They come to their own conclusion that this ideology was not for them.”

“They come to their own conclusion that this ideology was not for them” 

Mr. Davis says that through his efforts over 200 people renounced their membership to the KKK and other hate groups.  Some two dozen also gave him their former ceremonial robes, which he keeps in his garage and hopes to donate someday.  Daryl Davis says he never tried to convert anybody, all he did was give them a platform.

Give them a platform.  Challenge them.  Do it politely and intelligently.  When you do things that way chances are they will reciprocate and give you a platform.

I know it’s unlikely, but I hope the Trump supporters watch this film.  Let’s hope Hillary’s people take a break from scouring Twitter for injustice and sit down to learn from this documentary.  I hope the BLM protesters, the Alt Right, I hope every group out there that spent 2016 dividing and hating takes at least one lesson away from this movie.

Daryl Davis 2020.


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