Mean Girls: Apparently A Film With A ‘Strong Female Lead’

Said no one ever.
Boo you whore

Netflix is classifying Mean Girls as a film with a strong female lead, and it’s utterly ridiculous.

Although Mean Girls has provided us with endless references and is a hangover go-to, Netflix should stop trying to make this “strong female lead” shit happen.

I can see why Regina George gives off strong independent woman vibes. Not only does she date the single-handedly best looking male (Aaron Samuels), but her mom is totally whack. The girl can do what she wants, when she wants, provided that her mom supplies cocktails and condoms. Nothing screams self made betch like this does. And yes Regina, butter is a carb.

cool mom

While Regina George gets hit by a bus, Cady Heron by no means takes home the prize. After being revamped and remade, Cady actually goes from being the independent, African weirdo, to one of Regina’s plastic followers. At the end, she does ‘find her true self’. But she still isn’t the strong female lead she’s made out to be, for obvious reasons.


Onto the next: Karen Smith. She’s obviously not a strong female seeing as she wants to make out with her cousin. But like, he’s only her first cousin, and you have your cousins, and then your first cousins, so I guess it’s kinda chill.

karen smith

While Karen Smith might not fit the part, neither does Gretchen Wieners. Even though her dad, like totally invented Toaster Strudels, the girl is far from independent. I mean, she wouldn’t even wear her white gold hoops that she got for Chanukah because Regina said hoops were her thing. (Regina: boo, you whore.)

gretchen wieners

Netflix, I don’t want my future daughters looking up to the cast of Mean Girls for inspiration, unless its to make fun of their friends. Classifying Mean Girls as a film with a strong female lead is beyond absurd and makes me question a lot of things, including myself.

Basically, Netflix is being a huge pusher with this one …


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