The Dallas Cowboys Are Still The Real (Financial) Winners

If there’s one saving grace for Cowboy fans all over the country, you can still claim to be “America’s Team”. They may have lost the game, but the NFL, Jerry Jones and the rest of the Jones family are still the big draw in football.

Minutes after the Cowboys suffered a heart wrenching loss (full disclosure: I’m a Cowboys fan) to the hands (feet?) of Aaron Rodgers (Mason Crosby?) and the Packers, Super Bowl tickets on the resellers market dropped 20% according to an ESPN report.

The cheapest ticket dropped almost $1,000 in price.

The cheapest ticket that could be found on StubHub went for $4,195. After the loss it dropped over $800 in price to $3,349. For last year’s Super Bowl, the average ticket price was $5,335, the highest in the last 5 years according to a Forbes report. Average prices for tickets from 2012-2014 was $2,910, $2,305, and $2,345 respectively.

All of those final ticket price averages came in after the matchup was finalized. There is a possibility that the cheapest ticket can still see a drop off after this weekend’s games.

It makes sense seeing how the Dallas Cowboys were the biggest draw this season for the NFL in a down season ratings wise. Dallas had 4 of the 5 highest-rated games of the season (DAL-WAS, DAL-PIT, DAL-GB, DAL-NYG). Pittsburgh and Green Bay were part of those high ratings are still in the hunt for a Super Bowl berth.

This last game is the highest rated divisional round game in 20 years, drawing a 28.2 rating. Cowboy fans will have to wait around until next season to try and make another Super Bowl run. No matter the matchup, we should see an exciting Super Bowl, and we should see high ratings once again.