How do you answer the “biggest weakness” interview question?

Hint: It shouldn’t be “I have no weaknesses” or “I work too hard.”

For roughly the same amount of time you need to keep your GPA on your resume, you’ll need to be prepared for the worst question in HR’s arsenal …


“So, What’s your biggest weakness?”


You can go the North Korean dictator route and claim infallibility, or of course there is the Ghandi play where you lay out your under-qualifications like an Afghani national at Gitmo. But I’d hang out somewhere in the middle of that bell curve unless you’re looking to land a gig with a governmental acronym that you can’t tell your family about and is led by a Jack Bauer type.

Sure you can listen to career coaches (love these guys by the way) or read an article on the blog that is tailored to fast food fryolator operators and door-to-door knife salesmen … or you can chat with your peers already discussing their hits and whiffs (and sharing the best answers online) over at the ER Community. Your choice.


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