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Want a Career in the Marijuana Industry? Now’s Your Chance.

I’m willing to bet money that someone, somewhere along the timeline of your life, told you that you cannot smoke marijuana and still be successful.

Well, you can slap whomever told you that, and let them know it was from me.

I’m 25 and I own my own business catering to the PR and marketing needs of clients specific to the cannabis realm. I’ve put in time attending dozens of industry events, met hundreds of inspiring professionals, and have news for all of you: the weed business is here to stay. And, if you’re wondering if it’s time for you to jump in, the answer is unequivocally yes.

The legal cannabis space is the fastest-growing industry since broadband internet. Public opinion and official policy continue to shift favorably toward legalization. More than half the United States is now rolling with a medical or adult use cannabis system, with even more gearing up for implementations and legalization campaigns for next year.

Truth is, you don’t even have to smoke to work in the legal marijuana industry. In fact, you don’t even have to touch the plant.

Below are just a few reasons why now is the ideal time to finally “come out” as pro-cannabis and start thinking about a career in this emerging field.

High Growth

Thanks to legalization’s sweeping popularity nationwide, this also means that thousands of brand new tax-paying cannabis jobs are coming down the pipeline very soon, paying up to $120K. There’s also plenty of room for entrepreneurs, especially in emerging markets that haven’t legalized yet, but are looking to in the next few years. Investors are ready and waiting to see who the industry’s biggest players will be when the dust settles.

In a time where workers are worried about being laid off, or worse, replaced by robots, the cannabis industry offers a glimmer of hope for good old fashioned American labor. From construction workers to Ivy League-educated lawyers, marijuana desperately needs human beings to make it work. If you’re an experienced stoner, or even just a supporter, it’s never been easier to apply your skills to your passion.

High Impact

Are you motivated by your desire to uplift the lives of others, or to protect the environment, civil rights, or free trade? Then the marijuana industry is perfect for you. No other field is as dedicated to making an impact in our society and public affairs.

The cannabis community is home to organic farmers and sustainability experts, writers and filmmakers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, athletes, feminists, healers, and more. All of these people have strong opinions and are not afraid to voice them in order to bring the issue of cannabis to the attention of the mainstream. The industry is just waiting for you to bring your unique perspective and help change lives for the better.

High Society

If you are truly a lover of the cannabis plant, then you are absolutely going to LOVE working in the industry. Every day you’ll be surrounded by like-minded progressive individuals that you can also have a great time with. You’ll have the opportunity to attend professional networking events, trade shows and VIP showcases that often include the latest in free product – you heard that right: free swag bags are a super common marketing tool in this tight-knit industry.

It’s not always glamorous, mind you. It’s actually extremely hard work to pull off these events when so many people are trying their hardest to tear down the legitimacy of the marijuana industry and its customers. However, I can almost guarantee that the good times and friends you find working with cannabis will make up for all the crappy jobs you’ve had in the past.

Thanks to me, you’re going to start hearing a lot more about the weed industry here on Entry Revel. I’m committed to helping young professionals transition and find their place among the high-minded. So, reach out with your questions and/or hate mail!

Roni Stetter is in the business of educating thousands, as a lifestyle blogger and creative facilitator of content strategy and public relations services. She officially transitioned into the cannabis industry in 2015, after becoming restless with agency and startup life. Riding the wave crest of an emerging industry, she founded her company Righteous Relations last year, just after her 25th birthday, and hopes to help pave the way for cannabis to become part of everyday conversation.