Beyonce ft. The 2017 Grammys

Chance the Rapper wins big, Adele restarts her George Michael Tribute and ask Beyonce to be her “mommy”, and A Tribe Called Quest nick name Donald Trump “President Agent Orange” at the 59th Grammy Awards

Before the 2017 Grammys even began Lady Gaga already made viral headlines as she showed up on the red carpet with her midriff showing. Yes Gaga! Prove those fat shamers wrong.



Chance the Rapper, who won his first Grammy before the show began, took home the coveted Best New Artist. You can watch his speech here.



21 Pilots accepted their award sans pants. Interesting. The back story, however, is actually pretty sweet. Just a few years ago they watched the Grammys from home in their underwear and made a pact that if they ever won the coveted award they would accept it in the same attire that they had watched the show in. I can appreciate the chutzpah.



Paris Jackson came on to introduce the Weeknd but couldn’t make it through her lines without telling Beyonce how beautiful she looked. Yes, Beyonce is always stunning but especially now with that pregnancy glow x2.


Tina Knowles came out to introduce her own daughter Beyonce.

Beyonce appeared to be channeling Yoruba Goddess Oshun in her yellow dress that gave the audience a perfect view of her bump. Being the boss she is, Beyonce delivered nothing but beauty and grace. She made everyone BOW DOWN! If there were any doubters that Beyonce couldn’t kill a show with her two buns in the oven, this performance shut them up.



Of course, this wouldn’t be a show hosted by James Corden if there wasn’t some “Carpool Karaoke”. J-Lo, Neil Diamond, Tim McGraw, John Legend and more sang “Sweet Caroline.” Did anyone else notice the awkward moment when Faith Hill didn’t know the lyrics? This star-studded impromptu karaoke’s shining moment had to be when Blue Ivy and friend joined the crowd.

Side note: can we please appreciate Blue’s Prince inspired pink suit. Mini-Bey and Jay was a style stunner.



Obviously, David Bowie’s “Black Star” won for Best Rock Song. I think we all saw that coming.


A highlight of the night was when some fake mean tweets ran across the screen mocking James’ hosting skills.  A particularly funny one coming from @therealdonaldtrump.



Beyonce’s Lemonade won for Best Urban Contemporary Album and she delivered a heart warming pre-written speech which you can watch here.


Adele then paid tribute to George Michael… oh but wait she wants a do-over. I’m pretty sure Adele forgot the Grammys are live. If this were anyone else, they would have never gotten away with it. Well, we’d probably forgive Beyonce too. However, Adele made sure to nail the tribute the second time around and even apologized about the screw up later in the show.


Chance gave a special shout out to Sound Cloud in his acceptance speech for Best Rap Album. Yes Chance, you do you.


Later in the night Lady Gaga rocked out with Metallica and proceeded to crowd surf. This girl just loves jumping off of things. First, Super Bowl stadiums and now the Grammy stage.


Side Note: Maybe next year they should consider a bigger teleprompter? So many struggles.


Demi Lovato’s tribute of the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” reminded me of a very special episode of The Office.

Solange is here! It’s a Knowles family reunion. She introduced A Tribe Called Quest who proceeded to thank “President Agent Orange” for all his evil. Are we using code names now? Agent Orange are you on walkie? Agent Orange?


The group is known to be particularly vocal during politically charged times so it came as no surprise when the projections read “You Must Go” and the band chanted “resist.”


Bruno Mars came out shortly after. He truly embodied Prince in a sparkling purple suit as he paid tribute to the legend and shredded on an electric guitar. This performance truly stole the show for me and can be seen here.


Next up Chance took us to Church with an entire gospel choir for a rendition of two of my favorites “How Great” and “Blessings.” Obama’s and now my favorite rapper never ceases to impress.


One of the funniest moments of the night was when Corden began to introduce someone known to many as Yezzus and as the father of Kim Kardashian’s children but quickly back-tracked to introduce the true next guest. Kanye decided he wasn’t interested in attending the Grammys this year so Corden really toyed with our emotions there. Really James, take a bow, you deserve it.


Lastly, Adele won both Record and Album of the Year. She thanked Beyonce profusely and even asked her to be her “mummy” before balling like a baby. She even attempted to give her a piece of her Grammy. Que Cady Heron handing out pieces of her Spring Fling crown.


The 2017 Grammys awarded Beyonce 2 brass trophies, Chance won 3, and Adele took home a whopping 5.

At the end of the night, we all just want to be Rihanna drinking out of a diamond-encrusted flask and loving life.

rihanna is me and i am her

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