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5 Sites For Career Advice You Need To Check Out

As you saw in my last article, there are many websites that can make your job hunt a little easier (no, LinkedIn wasn’t the only one). But what about when you’ve already got the search part covered and finally landed an interview? What about when you’re preparing for a new position and don’t know what to expect? Or when you just want to read up on some career advice during a Starbucks lunch break?

The Internet, as you know, is full of crap. (Come on, it’s true.) But it’s also a gold mine for valuable information you might have overlooked because you were too busy stalking Trump’s twitter feed.

You might want some guidance while getting your resume ready to send out for the fifth time. You might want to skim through office do’s and don’ts during your 6 a.m. train ride to Port Authority. And God knows we all need help writing cover letters (shout out to the girl who sent my summer internship director a cover letter referencing Kim K).

Fear not — I’ve come to the rescue (again). Here are some sites that will help with everything from resumes and work attire to listening to your gut during a job interview.


Not only does this website have a resume builder, it also has a blog with the most helpful articles I’ve read in a while. The posts cover technicalities people often don’t think twice about.

I found myself feverishly scrolling through, “42 Amazing Resume Tips That You Can Use in 30 Minutes,” making a mental checklist of what I had to fix on my own resume. Did you know use of white space can influence whether your future employers spend five minutes or five seconds looking over a resume? This is important stuff they probably (definitely) didn’t teach you in school.

And all you Entry Revel readers are in luck! You can try Uptowork’s Premium plan for free — just enter the discount code vPNs95wZ in the appropriate field before checking out. This is valid until the end of June, so it’s perfect for all you soon-to-be college graduates to spruce up your resume before the big “G” (we don’t say the “G” word just yet).

(Quick tip: If copy and pasting the code doesn’t work, manually type it in — I’ve got your back.)

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Don’t be fooled by the in-your-face name — founder and New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi has created an invaluable resource for the employee (or employee-to-be). His site offers tools to save money, start your own business, and more.

Ramit’s blog is just as worthwhile to read through — I knew right away when I stumbled upon one his most recent articles, “How To Make Money As a Freelance Writer.” Any website that provides services on saving money and advice about niche topics like freelance writing has a lot to offer.

Ask A Manager

Alison Green gives a manager’s perspective on all of your job-related questions. She’s written and co-authored a number of books and writes in a tell-it-like-it-is but undeniably fun tone. She’s kind of like your big sister who’s trying to help you through tough times.

You’ll find responses to questions like “how much should you listen to your gut in a job interview?” and comments like “I’m in trouble for what I wore when when my boss made me pick him up for the airport in the middle of the night.” Yeah, Alison really does cover it all. It’s the career advice column you can get a laugh out of but also turn to when you’re trying to be an adult and not call your mom.


This site for millennials not only offers career advice, it also includes interviews with professionals in different fields. And to be honest, this isn’t something I’ve come across very often. There are sections dedicated to Q & As that can help readers indirectly experience what it’s like working as a copyeditor, blogger, daycare owner, tax manager, social worker — you name it.

Articles on PloyMint are witty and read-worthy, like “Ploymint Guide: Negotiating Salaries of Job Offers for Recent Grads” where we’re told not to rush into anything — even though those of us new to the whole “employment” thing will be eager to do just that.

All Groan Up

According to bestselling author and public speaker Paul Angone, All Groan Up is a guide to help college students and millennials alike through their “what now?” phases. He founded the site after experiencing his own post-grad struggles.

Along with articles discussing inspiration, “twentysomething life,” and job advice such as “5 Simple Strategies for Getting Hired at an Amazing Company,” All Groan Up even offers an online course to help you find the right career path. I mean, how cool is that?

Websites for career advice


And for the record, they do have a “Job Hunting For Dummies.” Who knew?

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