ER Writers’ Playlists: That 2:30 Feeling

Our writers share the playlists they use to get them through a workday and why theirs is straight fire

Thank God we live in the world we do.  Yes medicine and freedom are cool, but you know what really takes 2017 over the top?  Unlimited music delivered to my devices over the magic of the Internet that I listen to through even more magical antennas in my ears.  God, technology is great.  Could you imagine if you worked during the 40’s or 50’s, where your work space was a desk in an open room next to all your coworkers and any asshole could just walk right up and interrupt you?  Thankfully most of us have at least some sort of cubicle or office and we’re free to unplug from the world and all the cretins we share it with .. and plug into whatever playlists get us through that 2:30 feeling.  We asked our writers to share their most fire tracks and this is what they gave us.

Ronnie V. @AyePaisano

  • Dominic, Pt2 – Dom Kennedy
  • Up There – Post Malone
  • Flight at First Sight/Advanced – Kid Cudi feat Pharrell Williams
  • Timeless – A Boogie Wit da Hoodie feat DJ SPINKING
  • Dusk 2 Dusk – Smoke DZA & Pete Rock feat Dom Kennedy, BIG K.R.I.T. & theMIND
  • Milestone – Smoke DZA & Pete Rock feat FJ the Chicago Kid, Jadakiss & Style P
  • Ab-Soul – Huey Knew THEN feat Da$h
  • Charles Hamilton – Everyone
  • No Option – Post Malone
  • Connect 4 – The Cool Kids

At first glance I bet you have no idea who these artists are.  That’s okay.  One look at me and you might think I run a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan page, but ever since my mom took away my 50 Cent ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album in ’03, I dove headfirst into the Rap game and never looked back.  This is the perfect playlist to get me motivated through whatever’s standing between me and the exit door at work.  The laid back lyrics, the upbeat tracks, I bob my head and forget the rest of the world exists.  What’s the secret to the potency of my playlist you ask?  Gotta keep it fresh, and gotta keep the artist off everyone else’s radar.  I stay on top of who’s hot but who does no one know about.  Once everyone else starts spinning an artist on my playlist, he’s benched.

Ken @KentuckyNomad

  • What is a Juggalo?- Insane Clown Posse
  • When It Gets Gangsta – Geto Boys
  • Still- Geto Boys
  • Your Disco Song- Vitalic
  • Escape- The Toxic Avenger
  • A New Error- Moderat
  • Malware Injection- Remi Gallego
  • Ciampino Airforce- Produkkt
  • Crimewave- Crystal Castles
  • Courtship Dating- Crystal Castles
  • The entire Drink the Sea Album- Glitch Mob

****If I’m still not done at this point then it’s time to break out the heavy stuff and switch to Classical or Jazz****

I start off with ICP to do a quick memory wipe and get back into the anger of eighth grade Ken.  Then focus that anger with some Geto Boys I used to jam before classes back during my brief stint as an English teacher.  That helps me to not pull any punches and really dial in whatever I’ve got to get done.  Follow that up with some electronica for additional focus and Glitch Mob )which if you don’t know Glitch Mob do your life a favor and give their Drink the Sea album a spin.)  If that didn’t get it done then we’re dealing with some serious 2:30 here that needs next level concentration so fun’s over until I get this sumbitch put to bed and ride home blasting a whole lotta ICP and ole Hank Williams (Senior, that is.  Junior is a nutcase).

Cat @cat_noble

  • Jump (feat. Gizzle) – Lupe Fiasco
  • Lumbra _ Cali y Dandee
  • Go Hard or Go Home – E-40
  • Otra (feat. Fuego) – IAmChino
  • iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty) – KYLE
  • Sin Contrato – Maluma
  • Ay Mi Dios (feat. Pitbull) – IAmChino
  • Wild Horses – Bishop Briggs
  • Human – Rag’n’Bone Man
  • I’ve Been Deal All Day – Bayside
  • 679 – Fetty Wap

I don’t work in an office.  Even when I did work in an office (after a training room, and before work from home life), 2:30 always signaled the time of day when I got my ass up and worked out.  So what you see above is my “get pumped on the drive to the gym/running” playlist.  It’s all about the variety and the beat.  I coordinate my fartlek runs by the second to the BPM of a song and my run cadence.  You can thank the hot dude in college who tried (and failed) to teach me how to bachata for the Spanish songs, as well as my passive attempt to learn Spanish while running that has also failed.  When your 2:30 hits, and you need a pick me up to deal with Amy from Accounting, feel free to channel your inner fitness addict and steal this one.

Tyler @entryrevel

  • The Game – My Life ft. Lil Wayne

These hoes may not be, but I’m as loyal as they come.  I’m talking a ride or die G, who moves in silence like lasagna (for the record that is NOT the whitest thing I’ve ever said).  I’m a huge fan of repetition until it turns into white noise whilst faking it til I make it, hence the one song.  My second favorite song to “fire-drill” to is complete and utter silence, because my self diagnosed adult ADHD won’t allow me to focus on two things.  But this song has it all: grit, a survival story, and references that I don’t get because I grew up in predominantly white, middle class neighborhood.  It gets me feeling like I imagine Hulk Hogan did every time he heard “Real American.”

Roni @rawnstet

  • Rise of the Black Panther – Drumsound and Bassline Smith
  • Step & Flow – S.P.Y.
  • Time is Limited – Joe Ford
  • Unreachable – Gran Calavera
  • Plastic Velvet – Survey
  • Get On It – Danny Byrd & Brookes Brothers
  • Run The Block – Document One
  • Sleep It Off – Kove
  • Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & Teebee Remix) – The Prototypes
  • New Era VIP – Andy C

When that 2:30 feeling hits, I have no choice but to turn up.  With music I need to feel like I’m being chased by something terrible through something terrible.  Impossibly fast riffs, hard-hitting bass and futuristic sound effects are likely to make you forget about how stressed you are, inspiring you to work quickly and diligently instead of freaking out about your deadlines.  The heightened sensory perception and extreme sense of urgency this playlist provides is only temporary, but be forewarned you may still find it hard to go back to “regular” music after listening to this.

Brian @BrianBisgard

  • The Steeldrivers Pandora
  • All Falls Down/Kanye West Spotify

Not a lot of people know this but I play a mean violin (fiddle down here in Texas).  Because of this I can appreciate any genre that makes the most of the instruments it uses.  So when my 2:30 feeling hits I either turn to Mr. West to pick me back up with his mastery of sampling and genius level production skills, or I’ll put on The Steeldrivers who are unmatched in their old time Deep South working song sounds.  Play The Steeldrivers if you’ve got a mountain of work to get through but be careful you may look up after an hour and find that you’ve accidentally laid 100 miles of railroad when you really meant to finish a spreadsheet.

The perfect playlist isn’t about the genre, it’s about what’t going to shut out the miserable hellhole of a work environment you’re forced to come to and wake up your inner Rock to get cookin’ and start snappin’ necks and cashin’ checks.  Whatever you go to, when that 2:30 feeling hits pop in those ear buds and crank up the motivation.  Good luck and keep your head on a swivel, it’s a jungle out there.

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