Two Weeks In Weed: 2/6 – 2/17

Leave it to the weed writer to skip a week of news. I promise I’ll set five alarms next time so I don’t miss it.

Leave it to the weed writer to skip a week of news. But in all honesty, the news cycle in the cannabis industry has been slow the last few weeks.

Still reeling from quite possibly the biggest Valentine’s Day ever for the weed industry, vendors are already gearing up for the busy season, which will climax on 4/20, the global weed holiday. With more legal markets opening up, this year’s festivities are set to be the biggest and best ever, so companies have no time to waste in getting their products and branding up to par by April.

Here’s what you missed the last two weeks in the world of weed.

California Pollution

Research on the purity of medical marijuana flowers in California is starting to show some very disturbing results. After a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy died after using contaminated medical cannabis, further tests revealed fungus in his stash. UC Davis researchers allege that most of the marijuana product sold in California dispensaries is riddled with such fungus, as well as pesticides, bacteria and other toxins that are extremely dangerous to inhale – especially if you’re really sick with, say, cancer.

Scary, but just another reason to support legalization policies. Soon all cannabis in California will be required to undergo purity testing prior to being sold, pursuant to new policies.

Houston Softens its Policy

On Thursday 2/16, the city of Houston decriminalized small-scale marijuana possession by adults. You can now possess up to 4 grams without fearing arrest within the city limits. Instead of getting misdemeanors, those caught with a few grams will have the chance to keep their records clean by taking a four-hour “decision-making” class within 90 days of the offense. I’m guessing there will be a small fine or a fee associated with that.

This change holds promise for the rest of Texas, which still operates under a strict “CBD-only” policy; no psychoactive THC is allowed.

NY Seniors To Get Special Shipments

It’s taken awhile for New York’s medical marijuana program to get underway, but it looks like the wait is paying off – at least for one demographic. Lucky residents of an unnamed nursing home located in the Bronx, New York will soon have access to medical cannabis products from Etain, one of the state’s licensed producers. Etain will train nursing home employees and certify them to make recommendations, then provide the goods to patients.

Seniors are the fastest-growing demo in the cannabis community due to the pain relieving and anti-aging properties of the herb. My guess is that this nursing home’s waiting list is about to get very competitive.

Tune in next week for another timely news update in the realm of cannabis news. I promise I’ll set five alarms next time so I don’t miss it.


Roni Stetter is in the business of educating thousands, as a lifestyle blogger and creative facilitator of content strategy and public relations services. She officially transitioned into the cannabis industry in 2015, after becoming restless with agency and startup life. Riding the wave crest of an emerging industry, she founded her company Righteous Relations last year, just after her 25th birthday, and hopes to help pave the way for cannabis to become part of everyday conversation.
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