Second String Episode 10 Comin’ in Hot!

Hoopes wasn't around this week, so it got a little off the rails.

We did it everyone, Second String is officially ten! This week we ask the tough questions, like is David Ortiz on an alcohol fueled bender? In many ways, probably not, but there’s a chance! This week on Second String, Dubs and I take a look at the NBA All-Star game and write a compelling script that the New Orleans Pelicans can’t possibly turn down. We also introduce a new bit, “sorry for partying” based on Rick Ankiel and his struggles with alcohol.


Also, quick editor’s note, Hoopes was away this weekend. No, no, he wasn’t off watching the Pro Bowl again, but a show where Dubs and I have complete free reign is a tad dangerous. We combine “impressions” and “Cricket Rule of the Week” to make “Crickpressions” and it’s pretty hard to follow. Just know, I was being Hoopes and Dubs, and Dubs was being me. There, not confusing at all now, right?


Listen to the full episode in the Soundcloud attachment below and celebrate our 10th episode with us. We did it!


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