Moonlight Wins Best Picture at Oscars and is About to Rake in Some Serious Money

Moonlight a modest box office hit, can see that change this week.
Barry Jenkins, foreground center, and the cast accept the award for best picture for "Moonlight" at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

On Sunday night at the Academy Awards, we actually got something to talk about. In a post-Steve Harvey-Miss Universe-fuck up-world, there was another mix-up. La La Land (good, but overrated) was awarded the Oscar for Best Picture.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were the presenters for the award and it was read wrong due to a mixup with the cards. You can believe whatever conspiracy theory you want. The producers of the show fixed the error, and Moonlight was the actual winner. Dunaway drifted off into the night and let poor old Warren Beatty take all the heat. The highlight of it all was Beatty explaning why he gave the card to Dunaway.

Poor Old Beatty, looking like everyone’s senile grandfather had the card with Moonlight snatched out his hand.

Props to the producer of La La Land that graciously told Moonlight they won, but should he have been such a class act?


Not only after winning, but when nominations are announced, Oscar-worthy movies see an increase in box office profits. It’s science.

If the trend holds, Moonlight will see an influx in box office turnout. Box office profits have gone up for the last 10 Best Picture winners, not including Moonlight. Not only after winning, but when nominations are announced, movies see an increase in box office profits. Don’t believe me? Well, what about this PowerPoint graph …


You can see that when nominations are announced, there is an increase in profits at the box office. Only Spotlight and The King’s Speech experienced a drop off a week after nominations were announced. 12 Years a Slave and The Departed experienced the biggest increases in the week of nominations.

The Departed and Argo are the only movies that were completely in the red after the winning the award, but those are contributed to it being in less than 400 theaters each during those weeks. The Hurt Locker wasn’t in theaters anymore when nominations were announced, but saw re-release when the Academy Awards were near.

The award season drives buzz up for all these amazing movies. Some of these movies have very limited theater runs such as Moonlight, Spotlight, The Artist and The Hurtlocker but the tag of “Academy Award Nominee for Best Picture” is the film equivalent of being dubbed the best lay in town.

Now onto Moonlight …

Moonlight actually had a drop in box office profits during the week of nominations being announced. Womp, womp. The week prior it had a +185% increase, due to the Golden Globe win for Best Picture (Drama). What do you think will happen this week? Hit us up at @EntryRevel on twitter to share your thoughts/ticket stubs …

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