Ballin’ on a Budget: March

Just because you're poor, doesn't mean you have to dress like it.

Here at EntryRevel, we talk about sports, we talk about politics, and we talk about how to not fuck up your finances or your dating life during peak post-grad poverty and mid-20’s alcoholism. What we haven’t talked about and what is directly relevant to all of us at this age is our choice of wardrobe. “Dress for Success” is a real thing, in and out of the workplace.

While we, as men, enjoy the sweatpants from our high school athletic primes and our 4-6 years of faded and stained fraternity / sorority pocket tees, there’s a time and place for those, and gentlemen, I hate to ruin your day, but a first date is not one of them.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, come on…shopping? Seriously, man. Shit sucks. Plus, why buy pants that actually fit when I can spend that $90 at the bar?” You’re not wrong. Shopping isn’t the most fun activity, and personally, I also would much rather be out drinking than spend a day at a mall.

As such, I am the answer to all your shopping and spending prayers, and truth be told, if your mother, sister, or girlfriend doesn’t like you enough to buy you something full-priced, yet stylish, either, then this is perfect for them. Each month, I’ll do some “market research”, and get you not looking like some sort of slob all at a reasonable price point with a little cash left over for that weekly beer run. There is a small catch though: The items posted will be, for the most part, sale items and on Amazon, so each item is while supplies, sizes, and these great prices last, so if you’re going to purchase, make it sooner rather than later. If the gals in your life don’t appreciate your positive change in style, feel free to verbally abuse me.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for- here is this month’s Ballin’ on a Budget:


J. Crew Factory
Stretch Sutton Jean
Walker Wash



Fieldhouse Flannel




Lightweight Waffle Henley




Cole Haan
Men’s Grantland Chukka Boot



Perry Ellis Portfolio Timothy Belt



Emporio Armani
Classic Watch



Happy Procrastinating.

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