The 5 C’s of Buying a Diamond

We teamed up with our friends over at Rare Carat to provide you the ultimate cheat sheet for buying a diamond. 

Assuming you aren’t marrying a diamond heiress or your wife-to-be isn’t the unicorn of females (the ever-elusive “cool girl”) you’re as good as screwed when it comes to buying a diamond. Not like “I forgot flowers for our 7 week anniversary” screwed, but like “her dad hates me so much we can’t tell him we want to get married” screwed.

Diamond shopping sucks. You can go to your local mom and pop shop and be taken for your paltry net worth or talk to an Al Bundy lookalike who couldn’t make it in door-to-door knife salesmanship.

But most likely you’ll go to somebody’s “guy.” He’ll either be a friend’s distant relative, your dad’s college friend or a glorified pawn-broker whose cheesy ads your trusted confidant fell for.

Or you could use science.

No, I’m not talking about burying a piece of coal and hoping for the best.

I’m talking Bill Nye, locker stuffed science.

Meet Rare Carat: the love child of your local jeweler, Amazon and IBM’s Watson.

They’re Kayak for diamonds and they’re changing the game – you can shop the ENTIRE internet for diamonds with one search. I’ll wait here while you go check it out … ok good.

Rare Carat makes buying a diamond easier than finding crack in Harlem. But the “4C’s” (that’s color, clarity, cut and Carat) are still a Beautiful Mind type mind-boggle to the average American. Sure your friendly neighborhood jewelers will give you a photocopied handout with definitions that only Neil DeGrasse Tyson can understand, but what good is that? Numbers and letter aren’t really our thing, so we teamed up with Rare Carat to make a cheat sheet that has the only thing a man really needs: pictures.