Second String Episode 12: The Slam Poetry Episode

We don't actually do any slam poetry.

Second String episode 12 is live for your listening pleasure. This week we kind of kept it together, and by that I mean we didn’t at all. We touch on Dubs’ ongoing feud with the CVS worker Anthony, Hoopes tells us a Cricket Law that we already learned, I throw out some of my best wort ideas yet, and we both shoot blindly in Battleship (spoiler: it could’ve gone better for us both).


We also had Colleen, one of our faithful lady listeners, on the show this week for our first complete version of “Lady Talk.” We revisit the Phil Zorb DM, find out Colleen looks like a chick that’s into Chili’s, and find out where her favorite countries involved in the Axis of Evil. Throw her a follow on twitter @LAWL_een to find out if Gerry (psycho name) makes any future appearances.


So click the Soundcloud below and kill forty-five minutes of your work day. If you like what you hear, throw us a follow on Twitter @ERSecondString, @threejay3, @StubblyDoRight, and @IBuyUsedDenim.


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