The Browns Made an Intelligent Move

That is the first time I've ever typed/said/thought that in my entire life.

For those who somehow didn’t hear yesterday, my favorite NFL team the Cleveland Browns traded with the Houston Texans for Brock Osweiler and his putrid $17 million contract. When I first caught wind of the move, I had a reaction sort of like this:



My phone started buzzing with texts that read things like, “hahaha dude I’m so sorry,” and, “THE BROWNS ARE SO STUPID HAHAHA.” And at first, I agreed. Usually when I read Browns notifications on my phone, my reaction is to laugh quietly while shaking my head disapprovingly and think, “this is unbelievable that I still care this much.” But, after the images of Brock going 0-6 in the AFC North this year subsided and I did some more research, I realized this is actually a good move. My reaction went from disappointment to:



Here’s what happened:


The Browns traded Houston their fourth round pick this year in return for Brock Osweiler, Houston’s 6th round pick this year, and their 2nd round pick in the 2018 draft. By trading Osweiler, the Texans have now cleared up cap room to go after Tony Romo and finally get past the divisional round of the playoffs this year. Osweiler didn’t work out for them, so putting Romo in their backfield in a weak AFC South could make them competitive for the 2 or 3 seed in the AFC next year.


The Browns, on the other hand, have essentially just added more draft picks, which they can use to go after a QB that they actually want. From pretty much all  indications, the team has no plans on keeping their newly acquired QB. So, they can trade him to a team who will be in playoff contention this year, or simply cut Osweiler and take the $17 million cap hit. But, if the Browns manage to deal Osweiler away to a team like the 49ers or Jets for a reduced price to receive draft picks, then they will make a hard play to trade picks for the most handsome QB in football, Jimmy Garoppolo.


how do DB’s not get lost in those eyes?

The Browns and Pats have a history of being trade partners (cc: Jamie Collins Sr.) so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Jimmy G heads to Cleveland if the package is enticing enough. Even if they don’t deal Osweiler, the picks should prove valuable enough. As it stands right now, the Browns have 11 picks in both the 2017 and 2018 NFL Drafts, 10 of those 22 coming in the first three rounds. If they use this year to build up their defensive front seven then next year to get some o-line help, then the train is officially in motion for the Browns 2022 Super Bowl victory.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but today I’m excited to be a Cleveland Browns fan.


PS: “Moneyball 2: The Cleveland Browns Story” is gonna be such an awesome book/movie.


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