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If you've given up on trying to use reason to fill out your bracket, then this is the blog for you.

In my blog from yesterday, I revealed that to win your bracket, you need knowledge, luck, and gut instinct. While I’ve already given you my actual picks, some people don’t live their life as a slave of logic.


Filling out a bracket for March Madness can be a stressful experience. Some people are wary of joining a pool fearing the embarrassment from their lack of basketball knowledge. Others may be bitter from lost pools of yesteryear and fill out brackets ironically, because if they don’t try they can’t fail. No matter how you choose to fill out your bracket, no matter how much research you may or may not do, sometimes filling out your NCAA Bracket is like getting a star when you’re in second place in Mario Kart. You just need a little bit of luck.



If you are one of those people that banks on being lucky rather than good, then this is the bracket for you. I looked at all the teams, crunched all the numbers, and flipped a coin for each matchup of the tournament. The rules of said coin flips were simple:

  • NFL style coin flip – had to let the coin land on the ground without interference
  • Heads = favorite; Tails = underdog

It turned out to be a wild tournament that not even Nostradamus could have predicted, but there are some solid picks sprinkled throughout for those who trust fate over reason. So without further ado, I give you the “luck” bracket (spoiler: if you like orange and black, then this is also the bracket for you).


East Region:

The East Region of the bracket actually started off really boring. I flipped four heads’ in a row, so Nova, Wisco, Florida, and UVA all moved forward. The big upset of the first round here was a crafty Troy team conquering the ACC Tournament Champion Duke Blue Devils in a thriller. I can only imagine Grayson Allen gets ejected and Jayson Tatum suffers a horrific Kevin Ware-esque injury for that to actually happen. Eventually, ‘Nova and the surprising winner of the 11 seed between Providence and USC end up making the Elite Eight, but ‘Nova shows they’re still the team to beat and advances to the Final Four.


Midwest Region:

This region got a little bit out of hand. Of the eight first round matchups, I flipped seven tails making Louisville the only favorite to get through to the second round. Congratulations to the winner of NC Central and UC Davis for being the first ever 16 seed to beat a 1 seed! Classic KU choking in March. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get the job done and make the Final Four, but still a great effort. In the end, the Cowboys of Oklahoma St. proved to be too much for a spunky Catamount team from UVM and made it to their first Final Four in over a decade.



South Region:

In a stunning turn of events, this region featured the first time both the 1 and 2 seeds have both lost in the same region ever. Texas Southern took down UNC in the first round, and Northern Kentucky won the battle for Frankfort over Coach Cal and UK. However, everyone’s favorite Big South team Winthrop showed what their backcourt is capable of in a victory against Cincinnati to make it to their first ever Final Four.


West Region:

Definitely the wonkiest of all the regions in real life, as well as in this pure luck bracket. Although Gonzaga was able to stave off their 16 seed unlike UNC and Kansas, they came up short in the second round against Vandy. Vanderbilt, however, proved to be no match for an upstart Princeton team, who made it all the way to the Final Four. Their motion/triangle offense really threw off a gritty St. Mary’s team, who threw a box and one defense to shut down whoever Princeton’s best player is, but failed.



Final Four:

In the most wild Final Four in NCAA history, the luck bracket features one seed Villanova facing off against 12 seed Princeton, and 10 seed Oklahoma State battling 13 seed Winthrop for the rights to play in the ship. Remember my spoiler before I got into the nitty gritty of this bracket? Well, if you know anything about any of these teams and their colors, then you can probably figure out what happens. Oklahoma State stomped on Winthrop and Princeton’s title dreams did not die as they bested Villanova to give the fans what we’ve always wanted, a final between teams who wear the same colors.


At this point, I was really pulling for Princeton. I even thought about just deeming them the champions anyway because I wanted it so badly. Unfortunately for you all, I’m a man of so much integrity that I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Oklahoma St. and their inside presence took down the Cindarella story from New Jersey to win their third title in school history, the first since 1946.



Congratulations to Oklahoma State. It was a wild ride, but they truly deserved it. You may have noticed in the above bracket pictures that I used ESPN’s Tournament Challenge to fill out this bracket, and that’s because I officially entered that bracket into the challenge. I consider it to be my personal favor to you guys to prove that sometimes, it really does pay to be lucky rather than good…


But in reality, it probably doesn’t, so tune in for the “Gut Bracket” tomorrow.


PS – Tough day for the law of probability, as tails way outnumbered the number of heads I flipped. “Tails never fails,” exists for a reason folks.

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