We Need To Stop Enabling NBA Fights

What kind of example are we setting?

The Bulls played the Raptors last night. During the third quarter, a fight broke out between Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka. Let’s go to the tape:

Much to my disappointment, the internet seemed to love it. Deadspin wrote “Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez  Throw Actual Punches At Each Other” claiming it “popped off into a real actual fight.” SB Nation too decided that the two of them threw “actual punches.”

The mainstream sports media can glorify this exchange as much as they want, but here at Entry Revel, we think that Deadspin, SB Nation, and the like are setting a bad example for the children. Without the broad reach of the internet, it is likely children watching this game would realize how silly it was for these two to fight. They could have focused on the Bulls blowing a 15 point 4th quarter lead. Instead, they see these two praised for their antics. I mean, look at this:

Where’s the Contact?

This wasn’t a fight. This was just another classic NBA stare down. The only difference is an arm was outstretched towards the other player in both directions. We shouldn’t be celebrating this, we should be condemning it.

Now, I’m not advocating for more fights in the NBA (although I’m also not not doing that.) I just think we should be honest with each other. If we all cheer every time something like this happens, players will continue to have these bullshit fights until the end of time.

So here’s my proposition: let’s band together and ignore these kinds of fights. And I know, I know, I know, writing this blog only brings more attention to it. So this is my pledge to all of you: I will not mention a fight, in any sport, at any time, unless there is fist to face contact. In other words – wake me up when a real punch lands. Join me, let’s boycott shitty NBA “fights” together.


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