Second String Episode 15: March Madness – The Elite 8

The guys actually keep it together this time

There comes a time in every 23 year olds life where their friend/producer named Hoopes sits them down and tells them to get their shit together. We can’t promise it stayed together for the whole episode, but damn it if we didn’t try.

We delve deep into March Madness. Dubs discusses his experiences at a Wisconsin bar while the Badgers were devastated by Johnny Egan’s ghost, Tommy Hollywood predicts an all body part championship game, and together we lament how unfortunate it is that John Calipari watched exactly 1,000 tapes before his loss against UNC.

ESPN script writers returns where TJ decides on what might be the boldest project the world wide leader in sports have ever taken on. We look back on a terrible idea Dubs had this past weekend, and a terrible idea that also might be the best ant based cartoon since Antz featuring Woody Allen. The Half-Asser of the week goes to Dubs (albeit self awarded) and the final law of cricket is learned before the opening pitch of the IPL

It’s a good one (they all are). Enjoy the best half hour of your week that doesn’t involve drinking, sleeping, watching sports, watching Netflix, or any slew of other activities.


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