Philanthropy Isn’t Just For Rich Old People Anymore …

Did you know that 76%* of young professionals surveyed stated that in the past year they have had at least one Monday where they had an existential crisis after...

Did you know that 76%* of young professionals surveyed stated that in the past year they have had at least one Monday where they had an existential crisis after a weekend riddled with STD scares, Kabashi-esque fast food consumption and at least 3 decisions their mother wouldn’t approve of?


The kinda Monday where you wake up and swear you’ll “never drink again.” You’ll buy a self-help book on tape for the commute to work, you’ll only consume fresh-pressed leafy greens and you’ll pay your credit card bill 3 days before it’s due.


And for a fleeting second between working late “just to get ahead” and searching for book clubs to join, you’ll think about doing something decent for your community, instead of pissing all over it drunkenly every Friday and Saturday night.


Wouldn’t it be great to help one of those little kids in Africa you’ll think? Or save a puppy from those Sarah Mclachlan commercials? For fuck’s sake, at this point you’d feel good giving the last bite of your Chipotle burrito that is mostly guac and definitely has no meat to the neighborhood crackhead.


Well you’re in luck. We can’t help you be any less of a degenerate but we can help you get your philanthropy on and give back to the society whose teet you suckle with reckless abandon …


It’s all about the Benjamins.


Quite frankly, give money.


But I give money to the flute playing meth addict on 7th Ave all the time anddd I buy a lot of Girl Scout Cookies!


Congratulations, you have a less moral fortitude than Charlie Sheen.


Think money doesn’t solve problems? For Christ’s sake, money cured Magic Johnson of AIDs … but some of us aren’t that fiscally gifted and more importantly, there are a ton of shady ass charities out there. Remember kids, non-profit doesn’t mean no massive paychecks to employees or no dope “team building” events at Spring Break ‘17. Check on a site like or to make sure the charity you’re giving to isn’t spending 87% of their bankroll on hookers and blow when they are supposed to be solving the world’s avocado shortage.


Go f*cking do something about.


This might not be for the feint of heart, but a little hand to hand combat will put some hair on your chest. Stop saying you wish shelter dogs had someone to love them and go do it. Stop saying you wish homeless people had something to eat and start microwaving Cup Noodles. And just talk about little kids freezing outside, get to Burlington Coat factory and test that credit limit.


Plan an event with your friends.


Step 1: Identify something you and your friends like doing … like golfing, eating brunch or drinking until someone needs an ambulance.


Step 2: Charge your friends to do said painfully middle-class activity.


Step 3: Donate all proceeds to a charity of your choice.


… speaking of which, Entry Revel is teaming up with Feeding America to Make American Full Again! We’re sponsoring a Happy Hour at Public House in NYC on April 20th at 6 PM, with all proceeds going to the charity.

*The other 24% were stuffed in lockers as kids.

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