Second String Episode 16: A Week Too Late

Sorry for being tardy, but this honestly may be our best episode yet.

Were you wondering last week where our episode was? Or perhaps what Dubs and I thought about the NCAA Championship? If you did, you’re in luck! Here’s the episode that we totally intended on releasing last Wednesday, but all of us got too drunk on different days to get our shit together and get it out on time.

But don’t let the lack of sports relevance deter you, because if you’re still listening you’ve likely figured out that it’s the least important part of our show. I go into my gambling woes from the Final Four while Dubs realizes he’s getting too old for timezones. We then talk about the softest marketing department in sports — the MLB — and why they insist on attacking the Oakland Tree Society. After an effortless transition, Dubs and I bounce some terrible ideas off of one another, which leads Dubs to ask maybe the most important question that everyone has been too afraid to ask:

“Do you think, that like, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, and like Phil Simms and Jim Nantz, and like, Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels — do you think they’ve all kissed each other?”

It’s a valid point, if of course your definition of valid is clinically insane. But it leads us to some good talking points and a possible reason why Tony Romo is taking over for Phil in the booth.

We also tackle some important issues, like solving the homeless crises that plague American cities, and learn a fun fact about the city of Philadelphia. So strap in, the fasten seat belt sign is on (@Dubsflight) and enjoy what may be the most intelligent episode of Second String yet.

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