Social Media PR Nightmare of the Week: Wendy’s and the Nuggets

I have gone on record as saying that I am sick of how soft a lot of companies have gotten on social media. Particularly companies in the fast food business. You’re not really out to impress anyone, everyone knows that your food is awful for them and eating at your establishment is them at their culinary rock bottom, so why not have some fun? This week’s social media PR nightmare isn’t so much a mistake that a company made, but rather an analysis of one company’s activities over the past week or so. I could have gone and talked about United airlines, but that’s a low hanging fruit that’s been beaten to death, so you’re welcome.

The Nuggets

The first of Wendy’s social stunts this week actually started last week I think. I could Google it, but that counts as research and immediately catapults me from blogger to journalist, a step I’m just not ready to take in my life just yet. So let’s say it started last week. Some guy who clearly paid attention to those “shoot for the moon” posters in elementary school, tweeted at Wendy’s and asked how many retweets it’s going to take for him to achieve free nuggets for life status. First of all, why are you ordering nuggets at Wendy’s? Get a Baconater. At the very least order a few JBCBs. If you get the nuggets you’re wrong. That said, I respect this kid for firing off this request, and Wendy’s for responding.

18 Million is a bit aggressive for a stunt that, if he were to achieve it, wouldn’t be that much out of pocket cost for Wendy’s in the great scheme of things. The main problem that I have with this stunt is that I’m still hearing about it. OK, he’s got a bunch of retweets and almost is beating Ellen and Bradley Cooper. Just give the man his damn nuggets Wendy’s, and let’s put this whole thing to bed.

Hardee’s takes their ball and goes home

Hardee’s made it into Wendy’s crosshairs this week, not a fun place to be as a rival burger dealer.McDonald’s learned that the hard way last week with a sponsored tweet that Wendy was quick to jump on, and now Hardee’s is the fast food punching bag of the week. (Aside: imagine if they filled punching bags with burger meat? That would be pretty weird, huh?)

Hardee’s was quick to agree with a customer about the quality of their 4-for-4 deal, which apparently Wendy’s didn’t take kindly to.

A little back and forth ensued, and Hardee’s hit Wendy with that block. Never a good look. You can’t be willing to get into a brand beef, and then go blocking the other account like you’re some kind of Twitter egg (RIP). Have some moxie, Hardee’s. Also, if Hardee’s had been preparing for nightly Jeopardy! like I have, they’d have known the fourth person to walk on the moon was Alan LaVern Bean.

It’s a burger eat burger world out there, gotta keep your head on a swivel if you’re going to take to the Twitter streets and try to play with the big boys (or redheaded, pigtailed girls). Don’t come into Wendy’s house with that weak shit, or you’re getting your shot slapped into the nosebleeds.