Second String Episode 17: Give These Guys a Pulitzer

We go where no podcast has gone before

Alright we’re gonna level with you, Tommy Hollywood and I may have phoned it in this week. We’d like to tell you it’s a down time in sports, we’d like to tell you we deserved a week off, but we value you too much to lie to you.

There are two ways you can look at this episode:

  1. Fuck you guys, all you have to do is have a half-hour conversation once a week, how could you not pull that off?
  2. Hey, I’ve never listened to two guys play an entire game of battleship on boards I can’t see. Why not give it a shot?

Actually now that I think about it, this is the episode that I want to take us to a higher pedigree of podcasting. This is the one I want people to have as their introduction to Second String. If you’re reading this, and can listen to us play an entire game of battleship, give it a share. There are literally thousands of podcasts on the airwaves right now, but I can guarantee you this is one of a kind.

Second String Presents: Battleship

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