Erin & Melissa, Tell Us Why They Are More Successful Than You

Our (still relatively new) video series, “Brutally Honest Advice from Someone More Successful than You”, is a friendly reminder that you’re not a special snowflake and that you’re merely a barnacle in an ocean of wildly successful sharks, despite what your participation trophy case tells you.

The upside is that we convinced the people your parents wish you were to give you some brutally honest advice. Don’t say we never gave you anything …

Erin McGown & Melissa Luna

Why are Erin and Melissa more successful than you? Maybe it’s the fact that they’re ridiculously good looking, or that they’re incredibly smart, but it likely just because they’re filthy rich.

Check, ch-check, ch-check, ch-check, check it out (stuff they’re doing that you should probably know about):