Second String Episode 18: Unresolved

Colleen is back and better than ever (and by that, I mean she imitates a moose)!

Second String bounces back this week after airing what some* called possibly our most controversial episode yet last week. We got back to our roots this week (shout out Oakland Tree Society) and actually talked sports for almost a solid half hour.

Not only that, but we talked sports with a girl!

That’s right everyone, the guys somehow managed to convince Colleen (@LAWL_een) to come back on the show to talk about the NHL, her new best friend with a cool basement Jim, and some good old fashioned lady talk. Plus, Dubs and Colleen review famous Yelp Reviewer Katie Z her love for Maggie Moo’s.

Later on, Tommy Hollywood throws out some terrible ideas ranging from making animal noises on the podcast, to watching aggressive pornography with your family on Thanksgiving. “Jokes That Fell Flat” also makes its triumphant return to the show, as the gang examines Dubs’ comedic peak on Twitter.

So, if you’ve got an hour to kill at work, let Second String cruci-fix your week and help you through the monotony that consumes your every day life. Remember, every heart beat is a second closer to death!

*no one

Second String

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