Second String Episode 20: Sports Talk?


The boys are back! After some time away from the studio (Google Hangouts) Hoopes, Dubs, and Tommy Hollywood are back at it again to talk…sports? Yes! The rumors are true and after 20 episodes, the guys finally put it all together and remember that this is, after all, a sports podcast.

This week Tommy revels (pun[?]) in his Mumbai Indians winning their third championship in six years despite still not knowing if the game was close or not. Later, Dubs and TH ponder what impact the fall of the Berlin Wall had on a young Vince Carter’s future career. Experts say there’s no correlation and to please stop spamming their email, but we’re not so convinced. Also, Dubs fixes the NBA Draft Lottery and fantasizes over one day screaming at his children.

It’s another wild ride this week, so throw a dart in your mouth, put that gun to your head and spin that fucking chamber, because this could be the week we find the bullet in this metaphorical revolver. Let’s rock.


Second String

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