If You’re Going to Work From Home, You Might as Well Do It Right

Working from home has become more a staple of the modern workplace than even the graffitied ping pong table and the cold brew keg. There have been a million pieces written on what people are actually doing while they “WFH.” I won’t waste your time. I’m going to give you some real, actual insights on what’s going to make you the best work from home employee that your boss has never seen.

Your Bed is Not a Desk

The first step to a productive workday, whether you’re at the office or not, is putting on some pants. So do that. Put on pants. Get your lazy ass out of bed. The new business casual is not clothing optional. Plus, if you happen to have a video call, you won’t run the risk of hopping on there with no shirt on, believe me, it happens to the best of us.

If you’re going to work from home, you need a proper home office. A workspace can make or break your day. Even if this just means setting up at the kitchen table in your studio apartment, just go somewhere. Trying to work from your couch all day is irresponsible and I’ve warned you. A coffee shop isn’t a bad option either if you don’t mind hearing the same Band of Horses song on repeat for 12 hours. All I’m saying is, don’t let cabin fever cause you to burn down your apartment.

Get Out

To build off of my previous point, it’s important to get your ass up and out of the house. There are days I’ve worked from home and by 5 PM I haven’t gotten up once. Not even to use the bathroom. As I sat there, bordering on sepsis of the bladder, I thought to myself, “I should have gone for a walk.”

It’s simple. Avoid cabin fever by getting off your fat* ass and getting out for a walk. Go get a coffee, go grab lunch, or if you’re a cheap idiot like me, just walk. I promise you it will be worth it.

Stay In Touch

Don’t go off the grid. You’re going to feel like the employees who are chained to their desks at the office, and most likely not wearing just their underwear, resent you. The only way to fight this is to keep in touch like you would any other day at work. Just let them know you’re still alive. If you have good coworkers, they’ll appreciate not worrying that you’ve died by falling in the shower. If they’re bad, at least you can rub it in their faces that you actually did some work at home. Just let them know.

These are just some of the basics. The next time I work from home I’ll most likely think of a few more. In the meantime, just take these and try them out yourself. Unless you don’t get to work from home, then suck it up.

*put your own self-deprecating adjective here, this one is only mine. Go get your own.