Shravan M.

OMA. "That's so Shravan" is the proper way to say my name. Brown-ish guy, Southern-ish accent. Tennessee Volunteer. I like Michelob Ultra, Bachelor/ette Mondays, Tacos, Brunch, and Harry Potter. Super like me on Tinder.
  • Ballin’ on a Budget: Your Mid-Summer Update

    I took a summertime hiatus from updating this series because I just assumed you all were so taken aback and enamored by the RompHim that all other fashion advice I could ever give would just be obsolete. That, and I have spent 98% of my summer by pools, on...
  • The Sanctity That Is The Office Bathroom

    In any given work day throughout the week, we deal with the stress of deadlines, screening phone calls from angry clients, angrier bosses, annoying coworkers, the sexually harassing maintenance person, or any combination of the above. The worst part about it is that we, as post-grads, typically have to...
  • Fake

    Fake It Until You Make It: 5 Ways to Look More Intelligent

    For those of us average looking people, we need every advantage we can get in life. But we shouldn’t be so disappointed. The sad reality is that there are people who aren’t lucky enough to supplement their average looks with anything close to an average mind. As is the...
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