Varuni S.

I love dogs, Brooklyn and Ollo-Clips—in that order. When I'm not working I'm usually stuck in a bush trying to take detail shots of thorns, petals and ants. On other days—I binge watch Black-ish or The Magicians, depending on my mood.
  • Network

    10 Ways To Network Like a BOSS

    I know networking sucks. You have to stick your neck out in the real world, figure out who’s who in your line of work, stay on top of critical news in your industry, meet complete strangers that matter, engage them in relevant small-talk, and face possible rejection head on....
  • 7 Resume Blunders to Avoid

    7 Resume Blunders to Avoid

    When it comes to your resume—first impressions are last impressions. Realistically, you have 6 seconds to engage a headhunter. Otherwise, it’s a clean swipe left. No hard feelings. You’ll be tempted to push everything on your career cart onto one page, use unconventional formats, and to stretch every verb...
  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter Is Ready To Rescue the ‘Me Me Me’ Generation! Are You?

    Dear Millennial, the Internet has turned against us. Anyone that entered the matrix somewhere between 1982 and 2000 is not being taken seriously. Experts have branded us ‘The Me Me Me generation.’ If they are to be believed—we are narcissists, entitled, fame-obsessed, lazy, shallow and fickle—a result of faulty...
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