Friends with Benefits

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Why not get free stuff (for real, we'll buy you coffee) for things you're already doing?

  • Are you active on social media?
  • Do you appreciate witty, abrasive, commentary and advice?
  • Do you have at least some friends?


Then you're perfect.


Here's how it works:

  1. You help spread the word about Entry Revel
  2. You get FREE sh*t ...


This is what you can get from us ...

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75 BONES =

Coffee on us for a week.

($15.00 gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts if you're the blue collar type)



20 BONES =

Coffee on us.

($3.00 gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts if you're the blue collar type)





15 BONES =

The 'Over/Under' Snap Back

(Reads: 'Underpaid and Overserved')





15 BONES =

The 'Basic White' Tee

(Featuring: Our best attempt to get sued by Starbucks.)


(Ok, you should definitely sign up now ...)


I thought you'd never ask ...


Think of 'Bones' as Chuck E. Cheese tokens: they earn you FREE SH*T. We'll keep track of your Bones and let you know when you earn something.


It's pretty damn easy to earn them ...

1 ER Tagged Instagram Pic = 1 bone

Tag Entry Revel in an Instagram pic, putting an Entry Revel koozie or laptop sticker to good use, you'll earn 1 Bone. Oh, and did I mention we'll send you the koozie or sticker for free? Send me a koozie or laptop sticker.

1 Facebook Share = 1 bone

Share an original Entry Revel Post with your friends on Facebook, you'll earn 1 Bone. Make sure to use the share option on an original Entry Revel post.

100 Facebook Likes = 5 bones

For every 100 Facebook friends you convince to follow Entry Revel, you'll get 5 Bones. It's pretty easy to invite friends.

1 Friend Signs up for Mailing List = 5 bones

Get 1 friend to sign up to receive our Water Coolest daily email newsletter, you'll earn 5 Bones. Just send your pal this link.

1 Friend Signs up to be a Friend with Benefits = 10 bones

Get 1 friend to sign up to be a Friend with Benefits, you'll earn 10 Bones.


Sorry, our lawyers said we had to:

  • You can only earn 100 Bones per month
  • You can only claim one prize per month ... you greedy bastard
  • Facebook friends you invited to like the page in the past count towards earning bones
  • Shares, email invites etc. from the past don't count because that shit is too hard to track