LinkedIn “Thought Leader” Uses Drug Fueled Dancer to Explain Leadership

This is leadership in the same way the old adage “if your best friend jumped off a bridge, would you too?” is leadership. It doesn’t take an AV-nerd, frame-by-frame breakdown of this one to see that this is more of a metaphor for Donald Trump than leadership …

Like Trump, this raver with more MDMA coursing through his veins than Steve-o on any given Tuesday surrounds himself with like-minded half-wits. Had this man violently gyrated in his undergarments outside the friendly confines of an orgy with EDM music, say in a public space, he’d promptly be tazed and looked upon as what Malcolm Gladwell would categorize as an ‘outlier’. Similarly Teflon Don Trump fits in about as well as a minority in Greenwich, CT, if he’s not speaking at a monster truck rally or an NRA convention. And just as this Swiss-cheese-brained Tiesto fan mindlessly meandered into drug-fueled “leadership”, so did our favorite reality star turned presidential candidate. Both started a clusterfuck chock full of white idiots, both are just dumb enough to not fully understand the responsibility that comes with great power and both are the kind of people your mom wouldn’t want you hanging out with after school.

May God have mercy on America.