Standing Up for Those Who Don’t Stand Up: Colin Kaepernick

Trust me, I am a patriot. I am like Sam Adams combined with Ben Franklin in that I drink to excess and have radical ideas about how this country...

Trust me, I am a patriot. I am like Sam Adams combined with Ben Franklin in that I drink to excess and have radical ideas about how this country should be run. This might just be my campaign announcement for Class President of the United States of America. My running mate? Colin Kaepernick.

For more reasons than one I tend not to buy into the rabid nationalism that exists in many Americans; fans surrounding the NFL are certainly of a special breed. Something about physical violence, head trauma, gargantuan athletes, and beer make people swoon for their country. For me though, I’ve never quite understood what makes people so passionate about how and why you need to respect the antiquated rituals put in place for pre-game pageantry. What I’m talking about, more specifically, is the National Anthem. Granted I do stand and remove my hat, because I feel the need to pay homage and contribute in some physical way; although it means nothing, I’ve contributed just about as much to this country as I have to the toilet. I am a factory of waste, continually consuming and shitting out meaningless gestures in return. I can’t, however, fault whoever doesn’t want to subscribe to this idea that we HAVE to do this, or anything for that matter. This is the “Land of the Free”, and as far as I’m concerned that should mean that you can do and say as you please even if it doesn’t rub everyone the right way. People act like by not standing Colin Kaepernick has somehow disrespected this country. Believe me when I say that it couldn’t be further from the truth. By doing what he believes is right, he has done the most American thing possible.

From the onset that’s what this whole independence thing was about, doing what you want, and what you feel is right. The Founding Fathers did that and we praise them. British? Land of the Free, get out. Native Americans? Land of the Free, move. Mexicans? Land of the Free, we’re Texas now. That is the underlying theme throughout American history, from sea to shining sea we will do what we want and depending on how many people benefit from it, that will determine if it was ok or not. Kaepernick stands to gain nothing from this stance, er, non-stance, but it also doesn’t take away at all from your ability to love and revere your country. So please, let’s give this a rest. The times they are a changin’ … but not really. God Bless America. Knibb-High Football Rules.


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